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Imagination Companions, A Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Wiki

Act 1

Scene 1: Foster’s Foyer/Various Rooms

[The episode begins on the first floor of the house. Two imaginary friends, a bucket-like frog friend and a mop friend, are shown working together to clean the floor. The camera then pans up and moves through a higher floor, showing Suckallupagus vacuuming. The camera then proceeds to move upward to another floor, where Mr. Herriman is seen talking to Jackie Khones, Iris, and Pisgetti.]

MR. HERRIMAN: Now, I want to see my reflection in that grout.

[The camera passes up to yet another floor, where Coco is washing a window using a rag, and Eduardo is sweeping with a broom into a dustpan, causing three dust-like imaginary friends to get upset with him. Meanwhile, Wilt changes a lightbulb in a chandelier as the camera pans to another higher floor. On this floor, Bloo is shown spraying excessive amounts of air freshener, causing Frankie and Mac, who are trying to scrub the floor, to cough.]

MAC: Quit it, Bloo!

BLOO: What? I'm just trying to clean. [sprays some more]

MAC: Spraying air freshener isn't cleaning.

BLOO: Is too! I'm cleaning the air. [still spraying] Cleaning and freshening.

FRANKIE: Well, go find some other place to clean and freshen, would ya?

BLOO: Fine, if that's how you feel about it. But, don't come crying to me when your air gets all stale and filthy.

FRANKIE: I'll keep that in mind.

BLOO: [blinks, then sprays a bit more air freshener] Missed a spot! [exits the room]

FRANKIE: Bloo! [coughs] That friend of yours, Mac...

MAC: Tell me about it.

FRANKIE: If it's not one thing with that guy, it's another.

BLOO: [Off-screen, from far away] Hey, what's this? I've never seen this before!


Scene 2: The Secret Door

[A sign on a door is shown, which reads "STAY AWAY DO NOT ENTER". Bloo is shown reaching for the door handle, before Frankie's head blocks the way.]

FRANKIE: BLOO! Don't even think about it.

[Mac walks over to see what's happening.]

BLOO: Sheesh, calm down. [Walks toward Frankie, who is guarding the door] I'm just gonna open the door.

[Suddenly, Mr. Herriman appears.]

MR. HERRIMAN: Open the door?!

BLOO: Don't mind if I d--- [Mr. Herriman holds up his foot stopping bloo from going any further]

MR. HERRIMAN: [Standing in front of the door] Can you not read, Master Blooregard [shows the sign] "Stay away," meaning do not approach the vicinity of. "Do not enter," which should not arise an option if you simply heed the initial warning of stay away-- Meaning do not approach the vicinity of.

BLOO: [With his arms crossed] You know, you're wasting a perfectly good door here. Doors are made for opening.

MR. HERRIMAN: And they are also made for shutting. [To himself] Shutting away deep, dark, mysterious secrets.


MR. HERRIMAN: S-S-Secrets? Preposterous [Bloo frowns]

BLOO: But you just said--

MR. HERRIMAN: I said nothing of the sort. Now, off, off. Sta away from this door and the unfathomable secrets that lie beyond it, or pay that ultimate price. [Pushes Bloo away from the secret door. Bloo holds up coins and counts them]

BLOO: 5, 6, 7. [Finishes] Seven cents should do it. [Gives them to Mr. Herriman]

MR. HERRIMAN: [Puts the cents in his pocket] The ultimate price does not refer to a specific amount of currency, Master Blooregard. I was speaking metaphorically [Bloo gets confused] It means you'll get in trouble.


BLOO: [closes his eyes] Oh, all right. [Starts walking away, but he becomes curious again, and starts running towards the door, but bumps into Mr. Herriman's foot.]

FRANKIE: [starts pulling Bloo away] Let's go pal. [Mac follows them]

BLOO: [sadly, as he gets pulled away from the door] Aw!

Scene 3: Foster's Foyer/Waiting Room

BLOO: Unfathomable secrets are the best kind!

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Scene 4: Various Rooms/Bathroom/Foster's Hallways

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Scene 5: Bloo's Room/Foster's Hallways

MAC: Freedom! Freedom! Let them go! Let them go! Let them go! FRANKIE: MAC! MAC: Scribble Liberty! [Mac and Bloo flood the Foster's mansion with the scribbles]

Act 2