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Sunset Junction is a recurring imaginary friend. He makes various appearances throughout the show as a background character but occasionally plays a minor role in the plot of an episode.


Sunset Junction is a tall, thin blue bear with a fuzzy yellow hat (which appeared pink in one episode,) a pink, orange, and yellow scarf, and pink and yellow bell-bottom shoes with flowers on them.


Sunset Junction first appeared in House of Bloo's. He has since made multiple background appearances with occasional dialogue here and there.

His character development never really started until towards the end of season three, more specifically in Cuckoo for Coco Cards, when his stats are featured on a Coco Card. Sunset begins making more appearances. He seems to be good friends with all the members of the band Pizza Party.

In Read 'Em and Weep, Bloo tries casting Sunset as "the new Eduardo" after Eduardo is adopted. He tells Sunset to dye his fur purple, put on about 200 pounds, and learn Spanish. Sunset irritability storms out of the room, leaving Bloo to search for another potential candidate. Later that same episode, Sunset is seen with Yogi Boo Boo and Billy the Squid helping Fluffer Nutter devise a plan to rescue Jackie Khones.