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The Snooty Girl (otherwise ironically nicknamed "Sweetums") is The Millionaires' spoiled daughter. She is a major antagonist of the pilot movie House of Bloo's. She tries to adopt Bloo against his will while Mac is at school. She was voiced by Tara Strong.


The Millionaires show up to Foster's to find an imaginary friend for their daughter because she is unable to create one on her own, due to the fact that she gets a headache every time she tries to. When Frankie tries to explain to the child that taking care of an imaginary friend is a big responsibility, the rich little girl immediately cuts her off and demands to have the best imaginary friend in the house, and "not just a cheap one."

Frankie is appalled by her assumption that an imaginary friend is just a mere toy, and tries to pawn off the equally snotty and rude imaginary friend Duchess onto her. Sweetums' mom and father agree to adopt Duchess and head into Mr. Herriman's office to sign the adoption forms. Meanwhile, their daughter spots Bloo and immediately becomes dead set on taking him home, and even insisted on naming him "Tiffany." Eduardo quickly snatches Bloo, and she immediately starts chasing after him.

Eduardo, Wilt, and Coco spent all day trying to keep Bloo out of reach of the rich little girl and prevent him from being adopted before Mac comes back to visit Foster's. The Millionaires' daughter, however, finally ends up getting him and went downstairs to tell her mother and father that she wanted Bloo instead of Duchess. Before they could agree to adopt Bloo, however, Mac shows up and explains that he was at school. Frankie still tried to get them to adopt Duchess, but Sweetums still rudely refused and she storms out. The couple then leaves and decides to buy their daughter another pony instead.

She Appeared Again in Affair Weather Friends When The Students were going outside to get in Home. 

She has a nasty attitude and is a jerk just like Terrence.


  • Fans think her name is Avora Kolder.