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Scrappy is a imaginary friend who lives at the nursery in Foster's until he was given his own room.


Scrappy is a knitted imaginary friend with a button nose who speaks with a Brooklyn accent. He wears a blue hat, red shirt, and blue overalls.


Scrappy, along with all of the other friends in the nursery, considered Eduardo to be the coolest and bravest friend in the house. Eduardo had taken multiple stories about Bloo's adventures from previous episodes and replaced Bloo with himself, making him appear brave and Bloo appear as a coward. The children were convinced that Eduardo was brave and that Bloo was a wuss, nicknaming him "Baby Bloo."

Eduardo soon learns that Scrappy would soon move out of the nursery and get his own room, and Eduardo panics because if Scrappy were to mingle with the other friends in the house, he would find out that Eduardo was lying about himself and about Bloo. Eduardo rushes to find Scrappy and make sure he doesn't come into contact with Bloo. Unfortunately, Scrappy runs into Bloo and begins to ridicule him, calling him "Baby Bloo." A confused Bloo explains that Eduardo was a baby and that everything he told him was a lie. He even explained how he was going to host a paintball tournament in the house when Frankie and Mr. Herriman left.

Bloo challenges Eduardo, Scrappy, and the rest of the baby friends to a paintball tournament. Bloo takes out the rest of the babies, leaving Scrappy and Eduardo left. Scrappy is about to get hit with a paintball when Eduardo dives in and saves him. Bloo ends up winning the tournament and Eduardo admits that all the rumors he spread about Bloo were false. Scrappy told Eduardo that Jackie Khones had already informed him of the truth, and that he still thought Eduardo was a hero for saving him during the tournament.

Scrappy is mentioned in Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook. Eduardo borrows a book from Scrappy and forgets to give it back.

Scrappy makes a cameo in Destination: Imagination.


  • His name is shared by the hated nephew of the legendary Mystery-solving dog, Scooby-Doo.