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Sally Linda is an imaginary friend who appears various times throughout the series as a background character.


Sally Linda is a pink and dark magenta friend with light pink hair in a ponytail and with curly eyelashes, red flats with bows on them, a dark pink mouth with a pink tongue and a dark red skirt.


In World Wide Wabbit, Sally Linda is bring interviewed by Frankie on video to help her get adopted. Meanwhile, Bloo is in the background stealing attention.

Sally Linda appears in Coconuts. Coco, Belly Bob Norton, and Pirate Pig are all walking around the house shouting "coco nuts arrr..." when Sally flings the door open shouting "Faaaaa!" The four then continue through the halls shouting "coco nuts arrr faaaaa..."

In The Bride to Beat, Sally asks Bloo where Frankie is but Bloo continues walking past her on his way to crash the wedding that Mac was attending.


  • She is a lot similar to Pearl Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants because of her personality and Shimmer from Shimmer and Shine because of her long ponytail.
  • She is also similar to Shantae from the video game series of the same name and Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie.