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One Eye Cy is a background character that appears in various episodes of the show. He is shown to have a speaking role in a few episodes.


One Eye Cy is a large, hairy cyclops imaginary friend with green fur and a black mustache who wears a dirty tank top and suspenders.


Though Cy has made many background appearances, there have only been four episodes where Cy has either had a speaking role or played a significant role in the episode's plot.

In Partying Is Such Sweet Soiree, Bloo tells Cy to keep Duchess from calling Madame Foster and telling her about Bloo's house party. Cy proceeds to pick up a phone that Duchess was about to use and have a fake conversation on it (which consisted simply of Cy saying "blah blah blah" repeatedly.)

In I Only Have Surprise for You, Cy was seen pretending to help knit curtains for Bloo, to keep Mac from suspecting that Bloo was planning to throw him a surprise party. But it turns out that Cy does actually take an interest in interior design.

In Nightmare on Wilson Way, Cy dresses up as Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls, only to discover that Frankie was wearing the exact same costume. Cy then walks away muttering about how he should've dressed as Bubbles instead. Although later in that episode, Cy is seen dressed as Bubbles.

Bloo assigns Cy to be "the new Eduardo" after Eduardo gets adopted in Read 'Em and Weep. Cy wears Ed's old fur coat from Land of the Flea and learns Spanish, in order to look and sound like Eduardo. The house eventually receives more news about the recently adopted friends, including news that Eduardo "had been shot." Bloo breaks down crying and when Cy tries to console him, Bloo calls him an imposter and tells him that he isn't fit to wear Ed's fur coat.

Cy, along with many other friends in the house, attends Mac's going away party in Goodbye to Bloo.



  • His favorite color is pink.
  • His silver trading card statistics in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Leapster game include:
    • Makes candles out of wax.
    • Is not an ogre.
    • Has a good eye for decorating.