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Neighbor Pains
Season 4, Episode 4
Episode name pun on: Labor Pains
FHIF Title card - Neighbor Pains.png
Airdate: May 19, 2006
Director: Craig McCracken
Writer(s): Tim McKeon
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Neighbor Pains is the 44th episode from season 4 of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.


SPOILER: Plot details follow.

Old Man Rivers, who lives across the street from Foster's, hates imaginary friends setting foot on his lawn. On "Adopt-A-Thought Saturday", his grandson, "Young Man Rivers", makes faces at Bloo, who makes faces at him in return. Later, Bloo and Madame Foster (along with Wilt) throw papers that are adoption forms by mistake at Old Man Rivers, who keeps them for himself and it's up to Bloo and the others to get them back, or no imaginary friends can get adopted and they may never have another Adopt-A-Thought Saturday again.

Spoilers end here.



  • Third episode to feature Goo from "Go Goo Go".
  • Orlando Bloo makes an appearance from "Frankie My Dear", only with Wilt in place of Mac and Chris.
  • Young Man Rivers bears a heavy resemblance to Lucas from the Nintendo game, Mother 3.
  • When Goo points at the people in line when she says "And you, and you, and you", she is seen wearing the bandage on her knee that Mac gave her in "Go Goo Go".
  • Frankie says she's going to burn the top hat and trenchcoat that make up the Orlando Bloo disguise, however Bloo and Wilt are seen wearing them again in the series finale "Goodbye to Bloo".
  • When Bloo is using Mac's backpack in Old Man Rivers' house, Mac is seen wearing it as he, Wilt, Frankie, and Goo are outside.
  • If you look closely, Time Traveling Tina, the girl who adopted her and her mother are in line with the other people and friends who want the adoption forms, even though they left at the beginning of this episode.
  • It is unknown how Goo knows Old Man Rivers' phone number.
  • Old Man Rivers is heard saying "Hey, watch where you're goin'!" off screen in "Bus the Two of Us," and makes a cameo in "Bad Dare Day," and "Goodbye to Bloo."
  • Young Man Rivers later returns for a cameo appearance in "Say It Isn't Sew" and "Goodbye to Bloo."
  • There was a Game for the Didj that was made in 2008 that was based on this episode.
  • Wilt or Goo could've simply had more adoption forms printed out rather than going through so much trouble. Though that is possible that they need at least one adoption form to could copy it and prints other copies, and Bloo used all the adoption forms, leaving them without anyone.