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Mac and Terrence's Mother is the mother of Mac and Terrence. Her husband is never seen nor mentioned throughout the show; making it deductible that she is either divorced, single or widowed. In the pilot movie, she tells Mac that he is too old to have an imaginary friend and that he should give Bloo up, thus the reason why Bloo now lives at Foster's.


In the show itself, she was portrayed similarly to Ms. Sara Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls; her face was never shown, but she can be seen from her hair in the back of her head and her back of her neck. Her face was also blocked by a present that Mac's older brother Terrence holds up in two flashbacks during the episode I Only Have Surprise for You.

Episode Appearances


  • It is revealed that she had an imaginary friend as a child that she gave up when she was Mac's age.
  • Mac says in Infernal Slumber that she doesn't know he visits Foster's every day and that if she found out, she would forbid him from ever going there again. However, it is stated by Wilt in Foster's Goes to Europe that Mac got permission from her to go to Europe with his friends at Foster's.
  • She apparently trusts Mac much more than she trusts Terrence, evidently since he is the more well-behaved and smarter of her two sons, whereas Terrence misbehaves and is a bully.
  • It is revealed by Mac in Frankie My Dear that she works at a bank.
  • She is not present in Seasons 2, 5, or 6, but she is mentioned in these seasons.
  • She could be easily compared to Lila Test from Johnny Test because both are workaholic mothers who don't spend much time at their homes.