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Mac's Teacher is a minor character who appears in Bloo's Brothers, One False Movie, and Emancipation Complication. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Mac's teacher is an African-American woman with large black hair. She wears an orange shirt and shoes, and tan-colored pants. She speaks with a somewhat heavy southern accent.


Mac's teacher first appears in Bloo's Brothers. Mac brings Bloo in for show-and-tell and everyone immediately takes a liking to him, including the teacher herself. In One False Movie, Mac presents Bloo's edit of his film to the class. After viewing his film, Mac's teacher sends Mac to the principal's office where the principal congratulated Mac on his film. Mac's teacher makes her final appearance in Emancipation Complication. She catches a student using his imaginary friend, Little Lincoln, to cheat on a history test. Mac's teacher locks Little Lincoln in a closet where she keeps confiscated items and imaginary friends indefinitely. Mac sneaks Bloo into school the next day to break Little Lincoln and Moose out. Bloo purposefully disrupts the classroom until Mac's teacher inevitably locks him up in the closet as well. From here, Bloo is able to dig s tunnel to Foster's where he, Little Lincoln, and Moose can crawl through to escape.

Episode Appearances


  • She only appears in 3 episodes.
  • Her appearance in Emancipation Complication is very different than her previous appearances. While in "Bloo's Brothers" and "One False Movie" she was a calm teacher with a slight sense of humor, she appears as very aggressive and mean in Emancipation Complication.
  • She resembles to African-American actress Niketa Calame or Yvette Nicole Brown.