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Ivan is a seeing-eye friend, who was created by a blind kid named Stevie and has over a hundred eyes. His first appearance is in Sight for Sore Eyes.


Ivan is a pale yellow imaginary friend with many eyes (to make up for the fact that his creator is blind.)


Ivan loses his creator, Stevie, after Stevie's mother took a flash photograph of both of them, blinding and disorienting Ivan. Ivan then panicked and started running in random directions. Mac and Bloo end up discovering Ivan in front of Foster's, and they both go to the park to look for Stevie. Along the way, Bloo mistakes a kid with sunglasses for Stevie and attempts to catch him, causing him to get lost.

Meanwhile, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco are back at the house playing an unfinished game of hide and seek that Bloo had started with them. After waiting in a closet for some time, the three begin to think that Bloo had ditched them, and they all go to the park looking for him so that they could confront him. Eventually the trio finds Bloo laying in a dumpster, after having been beat up by the older brother of the kid who he mistook for Stevie. Bloo explains what happened to him in vague detail, causing Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco to believe that Mac had ditched Bloo and then got Terrence to beat him up.

Back at the park, Mac loses Ivan while helping him look for Stevie, and Ivan ends up running into Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco with Bloo. The three then explain to Ivan what they thought had happened to Bloo, causing Ivan to turn on Mac as well. Eventually Mac finds Ivan and the others and explains that Ivan had lost his creator and that he and Bloo were helping Ivan find him. Mac and Bloo end up finding Stevie at a birthday party, and Ivan was reunited with Stevie. However, Stevie's mother took another flash photo of them both, causing Ivan to get scared and run off again. Confused, Stevie asks what had just happened, and Mac explains it to him on their way to catch Ivan.


  • Ivan seems to be a moron. Given he doesn't know about camera flashes, runs around disoriented and not realizing its his own fault he gets lost, and is easily influenced by others.
  • Ivan's golden trading card statistics in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Leapster game include:
    • Doesn't have x-ray vision.
    • Can see in the dark.
    • Doesn't like flashbulbs from cameras.
    • Is the Imaginary Friend of Stevie.
  • He is seen partially onscreen in Mac's going away party in Goodbye to Bloo. His signature can also be seen inside the goodbye card that Coco made for Mac.