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Goofball John McGee is an imaginary friend who made his only appearance in the episode, "Imposter's Home for Um... Make 'Em Up Pals." He is voiced by Tom Kenny. He also appears in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friend's Leapster game as an imaginary friend you need to help find items for.


Goofball acts throughout the episode as a jerky teenager just wanting to have things done for him. He mainly acts as a jerk towards Frankie by making her job harder than usual. He comes off as a slacker just wanting everything done for him. There is also a very subtle hint that he may have done things as payback for Frankie yelling at Bloo, as his high five with Bloo proved they were in on it together. at the end when Frankie and Goofball both apologize when he is shown to be a true imaginary friend.

Goofball has a huge appetite and rationalizes his decision to have eaten all the food in the Foster's Home fridge by claiming that he's a growing big boy. Or it could be because he has an elephant trunk for a nose, he is hungry all the time and eats just as frequently as an elephant.


Goofball without his clown nose on.

Goofball has red hair with two pieces of hair sticking up and has a trunk-like nose. He also wears clown shoes, clown nose (that hides his elephant trunk) torn shorts and Fake-Outs concert T-shirt.


  • Alongside Bendy, Goofball is one of the most disliked characters in the series, due to him acting like a jerk to Frankie.
    • Goofball has been criticized for his painfully obvious human-like design and attitude, alongside the way the episode dropped hints that he was actually human, but in the end ignored them when he is revealed to be an Imaginary Friend all along, making the reveal feel extremely forced.
    • Due to Goofball's negative response by many fans and critics alike, he is attended as a one-time character only. Similar to Bendy's removal from the show's premises due to his negative response from fans as well, Goofball stays with his creator in Canada, as he and the McGees are never seen or even mentioned again afterwards.
  • Goofball McGee's silver trading card statistics in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Leapster game include:
    • Was named after his creator John 'Larry' McGee.
    • Also likes 'The Fake-Outs.'