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Goodbye to Bloo
Season 6, Episode 13
Episode name pun on: 1982 song by Scandal and 1986 Swedish song by Roxette both titled "Goodbye to You."
Goodbye to Bloo HD.png
Airdate: May 3, 2009
Director: Craig McCracken
Writer(s): Tim McKeon

Darrick Bachman

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Goodbye to Bloo is the 79th and final episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. This episode aired on May 3, 2009 on Cartoon Network, and served as the series finale.


The episode begins with Bloo waiting for Mac as he is over an hour late for his daily visit. The Clock states that it is 4:00, making Bloo angry that he was being ratted out. Then, the doorbell rings and a family arrives to adopt a blue friend with no nose, and leading them to Bloo's room where Eduardo, Coco and Wilt are holding a court. Then, the blue friend is revealed to be No Nose Ned, who has been in the room waiting for a new family to adopt him, and Bloo is relieved. Mr. Herriman explains that Mac was not going to be there because he was moving so he helps his friends plan a special day.

The next afternoon, Mac arrives at the home and Bloo wants to do something special, but the other friends - Wilt, wanting to play basketball; Madame Foster, who baked a new sugar free batch of her annual cookies; Coco, to have their portrait painted by artistic friend Leonardo Dilychee; and Pizza Party wanting him to write a song for them, and others have plans to be with Mac on this day, but Bloo wants to do something special: Jump the Shark (literally). While Bloo looks for a shark in the swimming pool, Frankie then has something special for Mac: a surprise party and he normally hates them, but in this case he really is surprised to see this as all the friends (including Goo) join in for a farewell as well as some of the many characters that have appeared in the series gather to say goodbye. Bloo gets frustrated that he could not make a ramp in time with help of a nerdy shark and Madame Foster's friends Flo Jerkins, bursts into the room with the dogfish friend and walks to it and jumps over it.

Mac finally explains to everyone that he and family aren't moving to another city; they're just moving into a new apartment in the complex that they already live in. This means that it's not really Mac's last day at Foster's -- as it turns, Mr. Herriman knew this, but forgot to mention it. Mac elaborates by claiming that his mom got a promotion at work and needs a home office, so their family needs a bigger place -- the new apartment that they're moving into was previously occupied by his neighbor, Louise. Mac explains that Louise and her family are moving into a different apartment complex -- specifically one that has a "no pets or imaginary friends" policy. This not only means that Louise has to give up her imaginary friend, Cheese, but that Cheese now has to live at Foster's.

Cheese then comes in and greets them with, "Now we're brother roomies!" Everybody screams in horror, with Wilt adding "I'm sorry, but this is not okay!" Then, the opening animation used is shown in reverse, and after it shows a white background, Cheese's voice is heard and he says "Okay, bye doggies!", ending the episode (and, after 6 seasons and 79 episodes, the series).

The final credit rolls.

As the final credits roll, a hand-drawn ink-on-paper drawing of a happy Mac and Bloo walking off into the sunset with the words, "Thanks for watching!! Craig and Lauren" written at the top is shown on the right.


  • Bloo's alter ego, Orlando Bloo made an appearance, although in Neighbor Pains, Frankie states she will burn the hat and trench coat. Bloo either somehow got it back or had a spare.
  • Bloo made references to other episodes when he was trying to tell Mac what they should do.
  • This was Craig McCracken's final project before he quit his job at Cartoon Network.
  • Cheese is the last to speak in this episode, making him the last character to speak in the whole series.
  • This is the second (and last) time we see Terrence, Cheese, and Goo share an episode together. However, they each only make a cameo, as Terrence's last major role was in Infernal Slumber, Goo's last major role was in Schlock Star, and Cheese's last major role was in The Little Peas.
  • Stats from Good Wilt Hunting returns in this episode.
  • Duchess does not appear in this episode, and she was last seen in The Bloo Superdude and the Great Creator of Everything's Awesome Ceremony of Fun That He's Not Invited To.
  • When Mac says "Do you mind, Bloo?" when Leonardo Dilychee is about to paint another picture of him and Coco, his left leg is missing but his left foot is still visible.
  • Bloo is once again at Mac's apartment, however, he's not directly in the apartment with Mac, he's just outside of the apartment when he's sees both Mac and Terrence packing to move into Louise's apartment.
  • One of the signatures on Mac's goodbye card appears to be that of Bendy, despite the fact he was completely removed from the show's premises after Everyone Knows It's Bendy due to the hatred of the episode from fans.
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