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Imagination Companions, A Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Wiki

Part One

Act 1

Scene 1: Foster's Front Yard

(It's a beautiful, cloudless day at Foster's. The camera pans down to show the street in front of the building. The Foster's bus is parked out front. Officer Nina Valeroso is writing a ticket.)

Frankie: (running towards the bus) Oh no, Oh no no no no no no no! What do you-I mean Why I can't I, I mean-eh?

Nina: Is this your bus, ma'am?

Frankie: Ah, yes. Is there a problem?

(Nina gestures towards a nearby sign: No Parking Anytime Without Permit.)

Frankie: Uh, I have one of those permits!

Nina: (stops writing and crosses her arms) I don't see it.

Frankie: Well, I have it. (reaches into her pockets) Hold on.

(Frankie fumbles with the contents of her pockets, causing her wallet and money to spill out and land at the officer's feet.)

Nina: You're not trying to bribe me, are you, ma'am?

Frankie: Bribe? (notices the money on the ground) Oh, no no! Of course not! I-I...(starts picking up the money)

(Eduardo, Bloo, and Mac exit the front door. Eduardo is carefully holding drinks on a tray while Mac and Bloo run in circles around him. Eduardo looks up and sees Frankie picking up her money while Nina taps her nightstick impatiently. Surprised, Eduardo tosses the tray of drinks in the air and starts roaring. He rushes towards the two ladies as the tray crashes back down, covering Bloo in punch and lemon wedges. Frankie and Nina look towards the charging Ed, but its too late for Nina to react as he tackles her offscreen. Frankie gets back on her feet and smiles as Eduardo starts to laugh. Mac and Bloo join her.)

Mac: So, is that...?

Frankie: Yup. Eduardo's creator: Officer Nina Valeroso.

(Eduardo is hugging Nina tightly. Nina puts her cop hat on Ed's head and smiles at him.)

Eduardo: Ay, mi little gatita! You have gotten so big!

Nina: Oh, you say that every cinco anos, mi pollo torro! It has been a very long time since I was little!

(Nina babytalks to Eduardo as Frankie, Mac and Bloo approach them.)

Frankie: Good to see you again! You're such a joker! (pats Nina's arm; Nina stops talking) Heh, I think we had poor Mac here going with our whole "ticket" routine, eh, Nina? (laughs)

Nina: (presents Frankie with the traffic ticket) Officer Valeroso.

(Frankie sadly takes the ticket. The camera pans out to show today's festivities. The front yard is decorated with streamers and balloons. There are small tents all over the yard. A banner overhead reads: Foster's 5-Year Creator Reunion Picnic Weekend. Mac and Bloo walk back towards the party.)

Mac: Wow! I think it's so amazing that Madame Foster hosts this reunion every 5 years!

(As they walk, they pass Madame Foster who is sitting on a lawn chair holding a drink, and Mr. Herriman who is grilling hot dogs. Sunset Junction is eating a hot dog as his creator, a old lady in a blue dress and scarf similar to his, is beside him knitting.

A gruff looking biker guy with a leather vest steps into view. He reaches down and picks up his creation, Fluffer Nutter. She giggles and they embrace.

Mac and Bloo keep walking. Sloppy Moe and his creator, a sharp-dressed businessman, give each other a hug. They pull away from each other as the businessman's suit is now dirty and smelly. They look back at each other, smile, and hug again.

Socket Tubey and his creator, a teenage boy with a brown hoodie, are on a picnic blanket. Tubey is flipping through his channel each time his creator asks...)

Tubey's Creator: What else is on? What else is on? What else is on? What else is on?What else is on?

(We can see a unicorn friend with a rainbow mane getting her tail braided by her creator: a lovely blonde woman. Creaky Pete rocks in his chair alongside his creator, an older man with a similar hat and beard. Cut back to Mac and an unhappy Bloo.)

Mac: It must mean so much for the imaginary friends to see their old creators once in a while.

Bloo: Hmph. I'll say.

Mac: What's wrong with you? You should be happy for all our friends.

Bloo: You are so selfish.

Mac: Me? What are you talking about?

Bloo: Look around you, Mac. These friends haven't seen their creators in years. YEARS! They are overcome with joy!

(Bloo points to Clumsy and his creator who are running towards each other...and a mud puddle.)

Clumsy/Billy: Billy!/Clumsy!

(They both slip and fall face first into the mud. They then get up and hug each other.)

Clumsy: I missed you so much!

Mac: Yeah?

Bloo: So?! You, Mr. I-Don't-Care-About-Other-People's-Feelings, you visit me every darn day! You completely deny me the thrill of a reunion that everybody else at Foster's gets to have every five years!

(Bloo crosses his arms and walks away from Mac. Mac prepares to say something, but decides not to argue and follows Bloo. We then see a portly man with red hair and a "42" t-shirt sitting next to Coco. He his holding her foot with one hand and stuffing his face with chips with the other hand. Potato chip crumbs are sitting on his chest and stomach. He stops eating the chips to use a pair of tweezers to extract a green thing from under Coco's toenail. He puts it on a glass microscope slide and gives it to his colleague, a man with black hair, glasses, and a white polo shirt.

The black haired guy is typing away on a laptop and puts the slide on his nearby microscope. He looks at the specimen.)

Douglas: Hmmm...Inconclusive.

Adam: Pft. Inconclusive? You completely entered the data wrong. Move over. (shoves Douglas out of his seat and starts typing on the laptop)

Douglas: Oh, you big dolt! You can't use parenthesized prefix notation! (tries pushing Adam away from the laptop)

(Coco rolls her eyes at their behavior. Mac and Bloo approach.)

Bloo: (singsongy) Ha ha~! Coco was created by nerds~!

(Coco opens her beak to correct him, but is interrupted by Douglas.)

Douglas: No, she wasn't! She wasn't created by nerds. (snorting chuckle)

Adam: Correction: She was discovered by nerds. Oh, and we're not nerds.

Mac: Discover-?

Adam: Yes, discovered. My colleague, Douglas-(points to Douglas)

Douglas: Hi.

Adam: -and I-

Douglas: (pointing to Adam) He's Adam.

Adam: -once studied biology.

Douglas: That is the study of living things and-and-

Adam: And we were on an expedition with intent to observe...

(Bloo rolls his eyes and goes to sleep. Adam's flashback starts in a dense jungle. He continues to speak in voiceover.)

Scene 2: Jungle

(Douglas and Adam make their way through the jungle in safari outfits. Douglas has been stung by many red insects and his face is covered in welts. Adam cuts his way through the foliage with a machete.)

Adam: ...the yellow-backed horn-tailed pigeon-swallow on a little known island in the South Pacific.

Douglas: Yeah, not too far off the coast of-

Adam: And we found her there.

(Douglas and Adam enter a clearing and are shocked at the sight. It's Coco, sitting in a hammock and strumming a ukelele with her feet. A pink flower is in her hair. She notices the scientists and stops strumming, but the music continues to play. Coco gets out of the hammock and turns off her stereo that was playing the music. The flashback ends.)

Scene 3: Foster's Front Yard

Mac: Really? You were all alone?

(Coco opens her mouth to talk but is again interrupted by Douglas.)

Douglas: In total solitude and-

Adam: Not a human creator to speak of.

Mac: What happened to your kid, Coco?

(Coco tries to say something, but yet again, she is interrupted.)

Adam: That is precisely what we asked.

Douglas: Even still, who created her? And why? And-

Adam: The mysteries surrounding this strange creature boggled our brilliant minds. And we have since dedicated our lives to pioneering a new science: FIGMENTOLOGY!

(Adam flings his arms out wide at this announcement, knocking Coco and Douglas aside.)

Frankie: (off-screen) Hey, everybody!

(Adam sees Frankie approaching with a plate full of hot dogs. Saxophone music starts playing. In his eyes, Frankie looks more like a sultry supermodel with smoky eyes, red lips, and more prominent bust line. Hearts and butterflies fly around behind her. Adam finally brushes the potato chip crumbs off of his body and gives her a goofy, lovesick smile. Douglas gets up and adjusts his glasses.)

Douglas: (hiking his pants up to almost his chest) H-h-h-h-hi-hi-hi, F-fra-fra-

Adam: Miss Foster! Such a pleasure to see you once again. How does this fine day find you?

Frankie: Uh, great. Either of you like a hot dog?

Douglas: (taking a hot dog) W-w-w-why, ye-yes. Tha-tha-thank-

Adam: (yanks Douglas away from her, then takes the remaining hot dogs) I would adore consuming anything crafted by your skilled and delicate hands. (starts eating a hot dog)

Frankie: Yeah, okay. Uh, I gotta something...over there! (quickly leaves)

Douglas: (pops back up and waves goodbye) B-b-bye, Frankie!

(The scientists both sigh as tiny hearts appear around their heads.)

Adam: She is a vision...(takes Douglas' hot dog and eats it)

(Mac looks uncomfortable at this scene. Bloo is still asleep.)

Adam: (with his mouth full) So, where was I?

Mac: Uh, I just remembered...we gotta go over there too! (starts pushing Bloo away from the group, waking him) Hey, Frankie! Wa-wait for us! (they run after Frankie)

(Coco, annoyed, walks up to Adam.)

Coco: Co cococococo, co cococococo.

Adam: Psh. You sound just like my mother.

(Further away, a group of humans and imaginary friends have gathered around Socket Tubey, who is broadcasting a basketball game on his screen.)

Game Announcer: And there's only 5 seconds to go and- oh! Jordan Michaels steals at ball for a three-pointer! I can't believe it!

(The group watching cheers at the game. Mac and Bloo watch from a nearby table.)

Mac: You know what I like best about the reunion? It's really cool to see what kind of people thought up all the friends we know.

(Mac points to the members of the group watching the game. One-Eye Cy and his creator, who is dressed similarly to him, are standing and pumping their fists in the air. The Unknown Friend and his creator, with matching Groucho glasses and arrow-in-the-headbands, hop up and down with joy. Bloppy Pants and his similarly dressed creator jump with joy as well.)

Game Announcer: And the Cows win again!

Bloo: Hm. Hadn't noticed.

Mac: You know who's creator I really wanna meet?

(The camera quickly pans over to Wilt. He is standing at a table full of cupcakes with a sad frown. He cringes at hearing his name called.)

Mac: Wilt!

Wilt: Oh! Hey, Mac! Hey, Bloo!

(Wilt is clenching his teeth in a strained smile, and his good eye is twitching.)

Mac: Is something wrong?

Wilt: Yeah! Sure! Never better! Sorry! Want some burgers? (presents Mac and Bloo with a tray of cupcakes)

Bloo: (takes a cupcake) Uh, thanks...

Mac: Hey, Wilt, where's your creator?

(Wilt is still clenching his teeth. He holds up a bowl of potato salad and walks away. Jackie Khones and his creator, a young lady with a green striped shirt, clink their drinks together in a toast. Wilt walks up between them.)

Wilt: Hi! Sorry, can I offer you some more refreshing lemonade? (looks back at Mac and Bloo, who are following)

Mac: 'Cause we'd really like to meet him.

(Wilt scrunches up his face and plops a spoonful of potato salad onto Jackie and his creator's drinks. The food splats onto both of them.)

Jackie: Now that just ain't right.

(Wilt continues to walk away from Mac and Bloo, who still follow him.)

Bloo: Or her! Is he a girl?

(Wilt approaches a man with a plate full of food. He takes his plate.)

Wilt: Hey, are you finished with that? Okay! (dumps it in a nearby trash can)

Mac: Does your creator play basketball?

Bloo: Does she have a beach house?

Mac: I bet he's really nice, like you!

Bloo: Can she lend me some cash?

(Wilt walks faster. Mac and Bloo jog after him.)

Mac: Maybe he isn't here yet. Is your creator here yet, Wilt?

Wilt: Nope, nope! Not here! Sorry, is that okay? Sorry! Okay!

Mac: Oh. Well, if your creator's not here yet, let's go wait at the front gate.

Wilt: No, that's okay.

(Mac tugs on Wilt's arm, trying to lead him towards the gate.)

Mac: Come on, let's go.

Wilt: Oh, hey, will you look at the time? (points to his wristband with his stump arm) Gotta go! (sprints away from Mac and Bloo)

Bloo: Boy, Wilt's creator sounds like a jerk!

(Mac is stunned at Wilt's behavior.)

Scene 4: Bloo's Room

(Wilt enters the room and shuts the door behind him. He still has the strained smile on his face. He grinds his teeth for a second, then sighs deeply as he drops the smile. He walks over to the window and sadly looks down at the picnic. All the imaginary friends and their creators are having a great time. Wilt closes the shades and sits down in front of the curtains. His arm is drawn around his knees and his eye is closed as he thinks to himself in the dimly lit room.)

Act 2

Scene 5: Bloo's Room

(Later that evening, everyone has gone to bed. Bloo is awoken by clanking metal and the squeaking of basketball shoes. He looks over at the clock on the nightstand, which reads 11:00. He closes his eyes again, but reopens them as he notices something new on the nightstand: a bus schedule. Wilt's hand comes into frame and snatches the bus schedule. He is holding a red polka dot hobo bindle. He exits the room and closes the door behind him.)

Bloo: ...Wilt?

Scene 6: Foster's Foyer

(Bloo, still half-asleep, makes his way downstairs. He stops just short of the last flight when he hears Wilt's voice.)

Wilt: (on the phone in the foyer) Yeah, that's right. It's me. Bet you hoped to never hear from me again, didn't you? It's time we set things straight, once and for all! ...Oh, really? ...Fine! Fine, then! It's on! I'll see you in two days! You can count on it! (angrily slams the phone on the receiver)

Bloo: Wilt?

(Wilt is surprised to see Bloo has followed him.)

Wilt: Oh! I'm sorry, Bloo. Did I wake you?

Bloo: Are you going somewhere?

Wilt: Well, yeah...But don't you worry about it. (slings his bindle over his back)

Bloo: "Don't worry about-?" (walks down a few more stairs to better see what Wilt is doing) What do you mean? Where are you going?!

(Wilt opens the front door.)

Wilt: I did something terrible. It's time I set things right. (exits the house and closes the door behind him)

Bloo: Something...terrible...? (his mouth hangs open in shock)

Scene 7: Bloo's Room

(The following morning, Eduardo, Mac, Coco, Frankie, Bloo, Mr. Herriman, and Madame Foster are in the room, investigating what happened the previous night. Bloo has already gotten them up to speed.)

Madame Foster: Huh. Now if that ain't the pot leadin' the horse to water.

Frankie: Well, he couldn't have just left!

Mac: (opens Wilt's locker) Look! His locker's empty.

(Cut to the bathroom. There is a toothbrush rack for each of the room's occupants, but Wilt's is missing.)

Eduardo: And his toothbrush is gone!

(Back to the room. Coco looks under the bunk beds where Wilt usually sleeps. Nothing there.)

Coco: Coco coco co co!

Mr. Herriman: By Jove, he is gone!

Bloo: See?! I told you!

Frankie: No note? No letter? No nothing.

Madame Foster: Oh, that's not like him at all!

Bloo: Now, he left with a bus schedule. So, if we go to the bus station, we can still catch up to him. He can still return the money! No one will ever know.

(Frankie slaps Bloo with Mr. Herriman's glove.)

Frankie: Bloo, he didn't rob a bank! (gives the glove back to Mr. Herriman, who puts it back on his hand) But, still...

Scene 8: Bus Station

(Cut to the bus station. The group, minus Mr. Herriman and Madame Foster, and the addition of Nina Valeroso, are near the ticket booth. Nina is speaking with the employee.)

Frankie: (checking her watch) What is taking so long?

Mac: Frankie? Why did those guys come again? (points offscreen)

(The camera cuts to Douglas and Adam, who have joined this rescue mission. They are standing at a kiosk selling flowers, holding bouquets and staring at Frankie. When they notice her looking, they look in other directions for a moment, then start hitting each other with their bouquets.)

Frankie: Ugh, don't ask.

(Nina rejoins the group.)

Frankie: What did you find out?

Nina: He was here, all right.

Bloo: (hops up and runs around in a circle) See?! He's on the run!

Nina: I questioned the ticket salesman. He wasn't cooperating at first, but I got the info I needed out of him. (punches her right hand with her left for emphasis)

Eduardo: Ooh! Careful, Nina! (takes her balled up fist in his claw) I just did your nails.

(Nina and Ed smile at each other.)

Mac: Do you know where Wilt went?

Nina: (unfolding a map) He's headed here.

(Nina shows most of the group the route on the map.)

Frankie: (gasps) But that's all the way across the country!

Bloo: (hopping up to get a better look at the map) Mexico?! Is he going to Mexico?!

Mac: But...But, why?

Bloo: (stops hopping) He must have a safehouse. He'll change his name to Walt and try to blend into society.

Frankie: This is weird. It's just-It's just not like him.

Bloo: It's always the quiet ones. (resumes hopping)

Nina: Look. Upon questioning, the ticket salesman admitted that the route take by Wilt's bus does not go straight to his destination. It has several stops and changeovers in between. I persuaded him to mark them for us.

Bloo: Let me see! Let me see!

Nina: He left at approximately 5:35 this morning. We may be able to catch him at his first stop here. (points at the stop on the map) But we'd better hurry.

Frankie: Okay. We'll go. I'll call Grandma and let her know. Everybody back to the bus, quick!

(The imaginary friends and Mac run to the bus. Frankie walks closer to Nina.)

Frankie: Thank you for coming with us. (puts a hand on Nina's shoulder) Wilt would really appreciate it. (takes her hand away)

(Nina holds up a ticket for Frankie to take.)

Frankie: What's this?

Nina: You parked in a red zone. (walks away)

(Frankie looks at the ticket. Douglas and Adam, bruised and dirty from their off screen fight, present Frankie with what is left of their bouquets. Frankie rolls her eyes.

Inside the bus, Bloo is sitting in front of the steering wheel.)

Bloo: We're coming to save you, Wilt!

(The camera pans out to show he was in Frankie's lap. Frankie shoves him off.)

Frankie: Get in the back.

(Frankie starts the bus up and drives off down the road with the imaginary friends, Mac, Nina, and the scientists.)

Scene 9: Bus Depot

(A bus pulls up to the depot. People begin to disembark. Wilt gets off, followed by a woman in a green blouse and her son.)

Woman: (to her son) Now, remember. The bus leaves at 3 o'clock.

Wilt: (stops in front of a clock; the time reads 2:15) 3 o'clock.

(Wilt enters the depot. He passes in front of a poster for the movie "Astro Slam" starring Jordan Michaels and Golly Gopher. He pays the poster no mind as he makes his way to the benches and has a seat.

He looks around at the people. A few of them are children traveling with their imaginary friends. A little girl plays pattycake with her polka-dot friend. A little boy is laughing with a friend who looks a lot like Armpit Joe. A woman, her son, and his one-eyed bug friend pass by the bathrooms.

Wilt looks down at the seat next to him and spots a blue umbrella. He picks it up and addresses a man sitting near him.)

Wilt: I'm sorry, but is this your umbrella?

(The man shakes his head "no." Wilt addresses a woman sitting near him.)

Wilt: Excuse me. Are you missing an umbrella?

(She shakes her head "no." Wilt looks at the umbrella, then heads up to the front counter with it. A lady chewing gum is reading a book. Wilt presents her with the umbrella. She blows a gum bubble, which pops all over her face as she looks up at the tall imaginary friend.

Cut to the depot's lost and found room. The shelves are filled to the brim with random items and there are boxes with even more items strewn about. Wilt and the gum chewer stand at the door.)

Wilt: I'm sorry, but this is your lost and found? How does anybody know its back here if they're looking for something they-

(The lady is gone. Wilt walks into the room to find a place to put the umbrella.)

Wilt: I mean, I bet this umbrella's really missing it's owner. No one would ever know he was here. (picks up a pair of white gloves from the shelf) And these gloves sure look lonely. (sets them down and picks up a purple scarf) And this poor little scarf seems so cold without a neck to warm her. (he sighs) I mean, everything wants to belong to somebody, right?

Foofy: ...Yes...

(Wilt is startled at that response. He looks down and spots the source of the voice in a box full of stuffed animals. A pink teddy bear imaginary friend emerges. She speaks in a cutesy-wutesy way.)

Foofy: Hewwo.

Wilt: Well, hello there, little friend! (pats her head) I'm sorry, but imaginary friends don't belong in the lost and found.

Foofy: But, I am lotht. My wittle giwl weft me hewe when she was gonna go visit her gwandma...(sniffles)...and she nevew came back to find me...(she starts crying)

Wilt: (pats her head again) Oh, it's okay...I'm sure she'll be back looking for you soon.

Foofy: But...(sniff) I've been waiting...(sniff sniff)...since Chwistmath!

Wilt: Chwistmath?! I mean, Christmas?! But, that was months ago!

(Foofy cries harder. Wilt picks her up and holds her, patting her back with his good hand.)

Wilt: Shh-shh, ooh, don't cry. You'll see her again someday. Maybe you can go find her yourself.

Foofy: But...I'm afwaid to go aww by mysewf...

Wilt: I'm sorry, bus is-

(Cut to outside of the depot. The clock reads 3:00. The woman in the green blouse is standing at the bus door, waiting for someone.)

Woman: (to the driver) Please, just wait a moment. He should be- (her son rushes up to her) There you are! I told you "3 o' clock!" We almost missed the bus! (she ushers him onboard)

Son: Sorry, mom.

(Once they're on board, the doors close and the bus drives away. Wilt is still inside the depot at the ticket booth. He watches the bus leave and heaves a sigh.)

Wilt: (to the ticket salesperson) Two, please? (the cash register dings)

Foofy: (hugging his leg) Ohhh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Scene 10: Foster's Bus

(The bus is driving along the plains. In the back seat, Nina and Eduardo are playing a clapping game and singing a song.)

Nina and Ed: Digame, playmate~

Venga y play with me~

Traiga sus dollies three~

Climb ariba mi apple tree~

Slide abajo mi rain barrel...~

(They continue to sing while Bloo pops up behind Adam, who is typing on his laptop.)

Bloo: Whatcha doin'?

Adam: None of your beeswax.

Bloo: (trying to get a closer look) It looks like...

Adam: I'm using functional resonance imaging to analyze the levels of neural activity in the brain in response to olfactory cues. And therefore, as I said previously, none of your beeswax.

Bloo: (looking closer still) No, it's not! That's a website on how to pick up women!

(Adam slams his laptop lid shut in embarrassment. Meanwhile, Mac is looking at the map.)

Mac: I think we missed our exit.

Frankie: Here, give it to me!

Mac: No, no, I can do it. Besides, you need to watch the road.

Frankie: Ugh!

(Back with Adam and Bloo. Adam draws an imaginary line across the bus seat.)

Adam: (pointing to Bloo's side of the seat) This is your side...(points to his own side) And this is mine. You stay on your side.

(They continue to argue offscreen. On the other side of the bus, Douglas is sitting by Coco.)

Douglas: (laughs) They are so immature.

Coco: (glaring at Douglas) Co cocococo.

Douglas: (snorts) I'm one to talk? I'm totally mature! (blows a raspberry at her)

(Douglas and Coco continue arguing offscreen. Mac tries talking to Frankie again. Frankie looks pretty angry.)

Mac: I just don't see why you can't stop and ask for directions.

Frankie: Because I don't need directions.

Mac: Ugh! That is so typical! You're just like my mom.

(The arguing coming from the middle of the bus, and the singing from the back of the bus are getting Frankie angrier and angrier. Her face is turning red. Eventually...)

Frankie: QUIET! Everybody, settle down, right now! Or I mean it, I will turn this bus around!

(Everyone on the bus goes silent for a few moments. The silence is finally broken by Nina, who presents Frankie with another ticket.)

Nina: Watch the road rage.

(Frankie's anger is replaced with surprise at this. Nevertheless, she drives on towards the bus depot.)

Scene 11: Bus Depot

(The bus arrives at the depot that evening. Most of the occupants exit and run into the building, shouting for Wilt. Mac approaches the gum chewing lady at the front desk.)

Mac: Excuse me? Ma'am?

(Douglas and Adam have entered the building, waiting for Frankie. They shove each other a little, but stop when Frankie approaches.)

Douglas: A-al-allow-alloooow...

Adam: Me. (they let her pass them by)

Frankie: Thanks. (she approaches the rest of the group) Well, is he here or not?

Nina: I think we missed him. We'll have to try to catch him at his next stop. (checks the map)

Mac: Uh, guys? This lady said she saw him. (approaches with the gum chewer, who blows another bubble)

(Back inside the Foster's bus, everyone starts boarding. Presumably, the gum chewer told them where he was going. Frankie is unhappy at this news.)

Frankie: I don't get it. Why would he suddenly change directions like that?

Mac: He's practically going in the opposite direction. It doesn't make any sense!

Bloo: You wanna know what I think?

Everyone: No!

Frankie: Well, we'll find out what on Earth Wilt's doing soon enough.

Mac: I sure hope so.

Frankie: Me too...

(Frankie starts the bus, and it pulls off from the depot.)

Act 3

Scene 12: Bus Stop/Sara's House

(The following morning, a bus arrives at the bus stop. Wilt disembarks and takes a few steps away from the bus, but stops. He looks to his left and right, then behind him. Foofy is still standing at the bus' door. She looks sad.)

Wilt: I'm sorry, but aren't you coming? (walks back towards her)

(Foofy shakes her head "no.")

Wilt: Aw, why not?

Foofy: What if she doesn't want me anymore?

(Wilt picks her up. and puts her on his stump arm.)

Wilt: I'm sorry, but don't be silly! (walks down the sidewalk; the bus pulls away) Listen, I know how it feels to be lost from your creator. I was lost for a long, long time.

Foofy: Weawy? Did youw cweator wose you too?

Wilt: Well, no. I lost him. Well, I didn't lose him, like, spatially. Like I knew where he was one second and didn't know where he was the next? I mean, lost him, like, figuratively. Does that make sense?

(Foofy shakes her head "no.")

Wilt: Oh, I'm sorry. Well, you see, he really counted on me once, and I let him down. Then, I never saw him again. But, you, your creator lost you by accident. She didn't mean it. She probably misses you like crazy!

(Wilt and Foofy arrive at a pink house. He rings the doorbell.)

Wilt: You have nothing to worry about.

(A blonde woman with a pink shirt opens the door.)

Sara's Mom: Hello? (looks up at Wilt, who holds Foofy out to her; Mom gasps) Oh my gosh, it's Foofy Woogums! She's come home!

(Wilt smiles at Foofy.)

Sara's Dad: (off-screen) What? Are you serious?

Sara's Mom: Yes, yes! Get Sara! Quick! (clenches her fists in excitement)

(Sara's Dad walks up to the door, holding his daughter.)

Sara: (gasps; her eyes start tearing up) Foofy?!

Foofy: (gasps; her eyes start tearing up) Sawa?!

(Wilt sets Foofy down on the ground, and Dad does the same with Sara. They run to each other and Sara scoops up her friend in a spinning hug.)

Sara: I never thought I'd see you again!

(Foofy and Sarah cry with joy as they keep spinning and holding each other. Wilt smiles at the display. He turns to leave, but Sara's dad pulls him into the big group hug the family is now having on the front sidewalk. Everyone but Wilt cries with joy.)

Scene 13: Train Station/Farmhouse

(Cut to the train station. The emotional family have dropped Wilt off in their pink minivan.)

Sara's Mom: Now, your train leaves in about 2 hours. It'll take you straight to where your headed, so don't miss it.

Wilt: Thanks again for the tickets. You really didn't have to-

Sara's Dad: Oh, but we did. After what you did for Sara...

Sara: Thank you for saving my fwiend!

Foofy: I'll nevew fowget you, Wiwt. You'we my hewo.

Wilt: (chuckles, embarassed) Oh, I don't know about that.

Sara's Dad: A real...(voice breaks; he's going to cry again) humanitarian.

Wilt: (more chuckling) No, really. I'm not.

Sara's Mom: (voice breaks; she's about to cry too) Just a...truly good friend.

(The family starts bawling again, as they drive away from the station. Wilt sadly waves goodbye and heads to the station's platform. He sits down on the bench next to a man with a large backpack.)

Man: Excuse me. Are you reading that? (points to a magazine, sitting between them)

Wilt: (looks down at the magazine) Sorry, no. Here you go.

(Wilt hands him the magazine: Sports Illuminated. Jordan Michaels is on the cover. The man opens it up to read.)

Wilt: (looking down at his feet) "Good friend." Hmph. I'm sorry, but...if they only knew.

Farmer: (off-screen) Aw, consarn it!

(Wilt looks up across the train tracks at the farm. An elderly farmer is trying to load a big pile of hay into a large hay baling machine. A ladder is propped against the side. The farmer descends the ladder, walks to the pile of hay and picks up a big ball of it. He walks up the ladder with it, but once the hay ball is pressed against the ladder's rungs, it starts to fall apart. The farmer reaches the top of the ladder with only a few strands of hay in his hands. He throws them into the chute.)

Farmer: Consarn it!

(Wilt sees the struggling farmer, then looks at the clock.)

Wilt: Well, I do have two hours.

(The farmer again throws two handfuls of hay into the chute. He holds up his fists in frustration.)

Farmer: Consarn it!

(From off-screen, a basketball-sized ball of hay lands in the chute. The farmer is surprised. He looks over at the pile of hay and sees Wilt, spinning another ball of hay on his finger like a basketball.)

Wilt: Need a hand? (tosses the hay ball into the chute)

(The farmer is even more surprised. Wilt forms more hay into balls and tosses them into the chute. He even slam dunks one. The farmer watches in awe.)

Farmer: Say there, sonny. You look like one of them professional athletes they show on the tv.

Wilt: Funny you should say that. You wouldn't guess it by looking at me, but, I used to play a lot of basketball. (tosses another hay ball in the chute)

Farmer: (watches the ball go in) Oh, you don't say...

Wilt: Yeah! You see, my boy- (slam dunks another hay ball) -that is, the boy who created me, had this older brother. (tosses in more balls as he speaks) And his brother was awesome at basketball, and I mean, awesome! And well, my boy loved basketball and used to challenge him to one-on-one games all the time. His brother, well...let's just say my boy didn't have a fighting chance. You know, being younger and shorter and all. (slam dunks another ball) If I remember right, his brother wasn't all too nice about it, either. So, anyway, he figured he needed someone to practice with, so that's why he thought of me. So, I'd imagine that he'd imagine that I should be pretty good at the game, wouldn't you say?

Farmer: Ayup, I'd say the proof is in the puddin' there, darn tootin'.

(Wilt reaches down to grab more hay, but the pile is all gone.)

Wilt: Huh. Well, I guess that's it. I should really get back to the train station.

Farmer: Well, that's fine there, son. (gets down from the ladder and approaches Wilt) I right appreciate all you've done, and reckon I can take care of the rest m'self.

(The farmer points off screen. To Wilt's shock, there are many more piles of loose hay all over the farmland. The farmer goes to pick up a pitchfork, but injures his back bending over to get it.)

Farmer: Ahhh! Oh, dearie, that there's my trick spine...(rubs his back)

(Wilt, knowing that he can't leave this farmer to his duties alone, frowns. He's going to be here a while.)

Scene 14: Sara's House

(The doorbell rings at Sara's house. Sara's mom approaches the door, dabbing at her eyes with a hanky.)

Sara's Mom: (voice breaking) Just a minute.

(She opens to door to Frankie and Mac. The Foster's bus is parked outside of their house.)

Frankie: Hello, ma'am. We hate to bother you but-(Sara's Mom starts tearing up again) Oh my gosh, are you okay?


Sara's Mom: (dabs her eyes with the hanky) I'm fine. It's just...I love getting visitors. (starts crying)

Mac: Oh, well uh...We're looking for our friend. He's really tall and red with one arm?

Sara's Mom: Oh, yes. He was here.

(Mac and Frankie look at each other happily.)

Sara's Mom: We took him to the train station. Ahh, I miss him already! If you hurry, you still might catch him.

Frankie: Oh, wonderful! Thank you so much! Uh, could we ask you another favor?

(Back in the bus, all the occupants start piling out and into the house.)

Frankie: Bathroom break! You better go now, 'cause I stoppin' again 'til we get there!

Scene 15: Train Station/Farmhouse

(Later that night, at the train station, the Foster's bus has arrived. Frankie is looking up at the train schedule board.)

Frankie: Shoot! He already left!

Bloo: We can still catch him at the next stop!

(Everyone rushes back on board the bus.)

Frankie: Hurry, hurry, hurry!

(The bus drives off again. Had the Foster's crew checked the farm across the train's platform, they would have seen Wilt, who is wrapping up his hay bale basketball session. The very last ball goes in and out of the machine pops a perfectly rectangular hay bale.)

Wilt: (wipes his brow) Phew! What a workout! (to the farmer, pointing at his work) What do you think? Is this okay?

(The camera pans over all of the hay bales. Not a loose piece of hay to be found. The farmer sits on the porch of his house in his rocking chair, holding his smoking pipe.)

Farmer: Yup, that there's right purty, I'd say. I'm mighty thankful.

Wilt: Oh, there's no need to-

Farmer: No, no, I insist. 'Specially considerin' you missed your train.

(Wilt glances back at the train station and grimaces. Once again, his helpful nature has caused him trouble. And once again, the person he has helped wants to do something in return.

Cut to inside of the farmer's barn. He and Wilt are standing in front of an old riding mower.)

Farmer: Now, she ain't new and she ain't fast, but she'll get you where you're goin'.

(Cut to the road outside of the farm. Wilt happily rides away on the mower, waving goodbye to the farmer. The farmer waves back.

Wilt slowly makes his way down the road on the mower. A truck passes him by. Time passes from late night to sunrise. By mid-morning, Wilt is passing through a suburban neighborhood. He looks around at all the houses with perfectly cut lawns. One house in particular, has a rather unkempt lawn. Wilt reverses the mower to take a closer look.)

Wilt: Those folks must be awfully busy to let their lawn grow like that.

(Wilt drives away from the tall grass.

Smash cut to Wilt finishing up mowing this lawn. He wipes the sweat from his brow as he drives away from the house.)

Wilt: There! That's better. Now, if I can just get back to the road, I can still make it on...(spots another neglected lawn)...time.

(A bit later, the camera pans to show the neighborhood's freshly cut lawns. Wilt continues to mow the lawns, but slows down at a particular house. A group of kids are playing basketball in the driveway.Seeing the basketball go into the net causes Wilt to think back to his earlier days.

Wilt's flashback starts. A red, white, and blue basketball falls through a basketball hoop and is caught by a young boy with a red "1" jersey, red basketball shorts, and a big bushy afro. He dribbles the ball and passes it to Wilt. Wilt spins it on his finger, then rolls it along his right arm, behind his shoulders, and along his left arm. This is a memory of Wilt shortly after he was created, as his left arm is there, and his left eye functions normally.

As the ball leaves his arm, it flies up into the air, and back down to Wilt's finger. It spins again. Wilt kneels down and takes the boy's hand. He places the spinning ball on the boy's finger.

Later, the boy tries to shoot the ball into the hoop, but misses a couple of times. Wilt taps him on the head and shows him the correct way to follow through his shot. He gives the boy a thumbs-up. The boy returns the gesture, makes the same "follow through" hand motion, then shoots the ball into the hoop, following the release through. He jumps for joy and gives Wilt a double high-five.

Later still, Wilt dribbles the ball, then passes it under his leg to his creator. He picks the the ball and makes the shot, jumping for joy again. The ball rolls away under the foot of an older kid. He's pretty skinny, and wears a yellow and white shirt. Maybe he's the little boy's brother? His portly, sweatband-wearing friend stands next to him. They both glare at him as Yellow Shirt picks up the ball. A challenge has been issued.

The little boy sweats nervously. Wilt kneels next to him. He points his boy, then himself, and gives a thumbs up. The boy smiles, knowing that as long as they work together, they can win.

The boy dribbles down the court, fakes out Yellow Shirt, and continues dribbling past him. He dunks the ball into the hoop. Wilt gets the ball and is being guarded, by Sweatband. He tries keeping the ball away, but sees that his kid is open. He throws the ball to the kid, and he makes another shot. The boy cheers, and Wilt gives another thumbs up. The boy makes basket after basket. Everyone watches the ball go in for the game-winning point. Sweatband holds his head in disbelief and Wilt and his creator high-five each other.

A crowd of kids has assembled and are carrying Wilt and his boy on their shoulders, cheering them for a great game.

The flashback ends. Wilt, depressed again, turns away from the driveway basketball game, and drives away on his mower.)

Part Two

Act 1

Scene 1: Foster's Bus

(On the highway, there is a massive traffic jam. Cars and trucks are honking at each other. In the bus, the occupants, minus Frankie and Mac, are singing "The Name Game.")

All: Bloo, Bloo, bo-loo~

Banana-fana fo-floo ~

Mee-Mi-mo-moo ~


Bloo: Let's try "Coco!"

All: Coco, Coco, bo-boco!~

Banana-fana fo-foco ~

Mee-mi-mo-moco ~


Frankie: Let's try "SHUT UP!!"

(Everyone pauses...then starts singing again with Frankie's "suggestion.")

All: Shut up, Shut up, bo-but up~

Banana-fana fo-fut up ~

Mee-mi-mo-mut up ~

Shut up!

Mac: Frankie, what if we don't catch Wilt at his next stop?

Frankie: (checks her watch) I don't know. But, don't worry. We can always try for the next stop until we catch him. As long as there's a trail to follow, we'll find him.

(She and Mac smile at each other. Bloo pops up in the seat behind her.)

Bloo: Let's try "Frankie!"

All: Frankie, Frankie, bo-bankie~

Banana-fana fo-fankie~!

Scene 2: Suburbs

(We unfortunately don't get to hear the rest of the verse as we cut back to Wilt in the suburbs. He has just finished mowing another lawn with his mower. Dozens of houses lawns have been neatly mowed.)

Wilt: Phew! 274 lawns! (gets off of the mower and stands up) And it only took several hours out of my trip... At least I can get back to the road-

(A loud clang and an "OW!" interrupts Wilt. He looks over and sees some men loading a sofa into the back of a truck. The skinny red-headed man clutches his foot in pain and hops up and down on the other.)

Bald bearded guy: You alright?

Louis: (straining) Yeah, I'm okay. (he gently sets his foot down, but flinches and holds his foot again; he sits on the sofa) Ah!

Bearded guy: Shoot, Louis! You can't walk on that!

(Another guy wearing an orange jersey pops out of the back of the truck.)

Jersey guy: He's got to! I mean, how are we gonna move this stuff without him?

(As he says this, the other side of the sofa gets lifted up by Wilt. He doesn't look happy.)

Wilt: (sighs) Need a hand?

(Later, all the furniture and boxes are loaded into the truck. Wilt closes the back of the truck and gives the guys a thumbs up. Wilt then tries to get his mower started back up by pulling the cord.)

Louis: We can't thank you enough, Wilt.

Wilt: Oh, there's no need!

Jersey guy: Oh, man. I-I don't know what we woulda done if you hadn't come along.

Wilt: Heh, don't be silly.

Bearded guy: No, really. You're such a good friend.

(Wilt looks about ready to cry at that remark. He forces himself to smile and tries yanking the pull cord a couple more times. It won't turn over.)

Louis: You know, there's room for one more passenger in the back. (gestures towards the back of the truck)

Scene 3: Back of the Truck

(Wilt is seated on an armchair inside the back of the truck. He has a smile on his face, despite the occasional bumps in the road. But, the ride starts to get more bumpy. A lamp nearly falls, but Wilt stops it with his hand. Tires screeching can be heard as the objects in the trailer slide left and right. The boxes, furniture, and Wilt get violently jostled around as the truck's tires screech even more. The reckless driving causes Wilt to be pinned between boxes and a dresser. He tries to prevent the boxes behind him from falling but a lid bonks him on the eyestalk. An impact from the front causes a CD player and a book to fly into his mouth. Everything gets bumped around some more before finally stopping with a crash. Wilt is partially buried by the boxes, but manages to stand up.)

Wilt: Guys? Um...I don't mean to be rude but, uh...I'm running out of time and I-

(The trailer door unlatches and starts to open.)

Wilt: Oh, thank goodness. For a second there, I thou-

(Wilt does not see any of the 3 guys. Instead, he is surrounded by police officers.)

Muscular cop: You're under arrest for assisted burglary!

(Wilt is shocked to hear this.)

Scene 4: Hotel/Motel

(Elsewhere, at a motel with a "Hotel" sign, the Foster's bus is parked out front. Frankie is at the front desk on her cellphone.)

Frankie: No, Grandma. We didn't find him. We totally lost his trail.

Receptionist: (pops up at the desk) Checking out?

Frankie: (presents the room key) Yes, thank you. (to the phone, signing her name on a form) It was really late last night, so we stayed in a motel. I guess there's nothing else to do except come home. ...Maybe you're right. Maybe he will just come back. I sure hope so. We'll be back this afternoon. ...Love you, too. (hangs up and puts the phone in her purse; sighs)

(She, Nina, the scientists, Mac, and the imaginary friends leave the motel and sadly make their way to the bus. They open the doors and find something shocking: the 3 robbers that Wilt assisted the previous day. They were in the middle of trying to hotwire the bus.

A few minutes later, the robbers are all tied up with rope and seated on the floor. Nina approaches them, tapping her hand with her nightstick.)

Louis: Forget it, lady! We're not talkin'! You-you're not gettin' a word outta us!

Nina: (smirking) Oh, yeah? (acting dramatically) Eduardo! Help, help! Ayudame! Los banditos, they are hurting me! (clings to standing passenger pole)

(The robbers look confused for a second, but then look scared as the bus violently starts to shake. Eduardo has picked up the bus over his head and is shaking it, roaring angrily.)

Eduardo: Banditos estan muertos! MUERTOS!

(Nina is still holding onto the pole, smiling. The robbers are bouncing around in the bus, unable to stop due to their binds.)

Louis: Okay, lady!

Jersey guy: We'll talk, we'll talk!

Bearded guy: Just call off your monster!

Nina: (leaning out the window) Es bueno, Eduardito. I'm okay now.

(Eduardo is happy. He puts the bus down.)

Eduardo: Oh, okay. (gives Nina a lollipop) You want a lollipop?

Nina: Oh, gracias, mi pollo torro!

(Nina scratches Eduardo on the head. Eduardo flops onto the ground, and his leg twitches at the attention. They both laugh.

Some time later, Nina is interrogating the robbers in the bus. We can't hear them, but they are all speaking rapidly and at the same time. After they finish, Nina exits the bus.)

Nina: You're not going to believe this! I know where Wilt is!

Frankie: Really?!

Mac: Does this mean we picked up the trail again?

Frankie: Yes, it does, Mac! And we haven't a moment to lose! Officer Valeroso, where is he?

Nina: Well...

Scene 5: Jail

(A cell door slams shut as another prisoner, Joe, is dropped off inside. A few more prisoners greet him.)

Creepy guy: Hey, Joe. Whatcha in for this time?

Joe: Trespassin'.

Car thief: Psh. Trespassin'? That all? My mama's been arrested for worse.

Joe: Oh yeah? What you in for, tough guy?

Car thief: Stole a car.

Jewel thief: That ain't nothin'. I broke into an old lady's house and took all her family heirlooms. Hocked 'em to buy me some sodey-pop.

Creepy guy: I can do better than that. I gave my wife a puppy for her birthday. Boy, did she love that puppy...Then, one day, she made me real mad. So I...took him back!

Prisoners: Oooooh!

Car thief: Now that is just evil!

Joe: Criminal!

Jewel thief: Heartless.

Wilt: I can top that.

(The prisoners look to see Wilt, sitting on a bench in the back of the cell.)

Car thief: (laughing) You? You don't look like you could harm a fly.

Wilt: Well, I did. Well, not a fly, but...I did hurt someone. I hurt a little boy. I hurt him real bad. I crushed his-

Joe: Foot?

Wilt: Nope. I crushed his dreams.

(The prisoners all gasp in shock.)

Wilt: All he ever wanted was to be a great ball player. And that's what I was supposed to do for him. And I did at first. He and I were the best two-man team in the neighborhood. The champs! For a whole year, undefeated! No one could beat us. Not even the high school kids! My boy, he was so proud. I was his hero.

(The prisoners all listen with rapt attention. The car thief wipes his nose with his finger, trying not to cry.)

Wilt: But, there was this one kid from down the street. He was real jealous. He wanted to beat me and my boy so bad; he imagined the biggest, meanest, cheatin'-est imaginary basketball friend and challenged us! It was the most important game of my kid's life!

Creepy guy: What happened?

Wilt: ...I lost.

(The prisoners gasp again. This is likely the most horrible story they've ever heard. Wilt looks at the floor in shame.)

Act 2

Scene 6: Police Station/Courthouse

(The Foster's bus peels out of the motel parking lot. Frankie speeds down the freeway, weaving in and out of traffic to get to Wilt's recent stop: the county jail. They pull up to the building and everyone piles out of the bus.)

Frankie: Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!

(Nina is the last to exit. She gives Frankie another ticket.)

Nina: Speed limit is 55. (runs inside)

(Frankie frowns at the ticket, then runs into the jail. The group stands in front of the front desk, where an officer is speaking to them.)

Officer: A tall, red imaginary friend? Yeah, brought him in last night.

(The group cheers.)

Officer: But, he's not here anymore.

Group: What?!

Officer: Yeah, he's been sent to trial. Courthouse is right down the street.

(Smash cut to the bus weaving in and out of traffic again. It comes to a stop in front of the courthouse. Everyone piles off the bus again.)

Frankie: Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry! (Nina gives her another ticket) I know, I know! I ran a yellow light! Just give it to me! (snatches the ticket)

(They all run in to the courthouse. Inside a courtroom, they are speaking with the judge.)

Judge: Oh, yes. I know exactly who you're talking about.

(The group cheers again.)

Judge: Yes, that imaginary friend. Well, he was just that: a friend. A true friend. A friend to me and every man, woman, and child on that jury. We'd heard of him and thought he was only a legend. But he's real, alright. Oh, yes, he's real.

(The group seems weirded out by what the judge is saying. Nina just looks annoyed.)

Judge: You see, people weren't always so happy in these parts. Why, it was only just yesterday it seemed everyone was real down.

(We see the judge's imagine spot, shown in still images like a storybook. It is the neighborhood from the previous episode, but the lawns are so high, they nearly cover the roofs of the houses.)

Judge: Yessir, this entire town was covered in the tallest grass you ever did see. Why, even the trees were humbled by its height.

(Next image: a man is hacking away at the grass with a machete trying to reach his mailbox. He holds a cup of coffee.)

Judge: And every morning, the hardworking folks of this here town would risk their lives just to make it out to their cars to venture our into the world to make their daily wage.

(Next image: a businessman is on top of his car, avoiding the tall grass. There is a skeleton in a suit slumped over nearby. We pan across to a businesswoman, fending off a cheetah attack with her briefcase.)

Judge: Then, one day, after the parents went to work and the children went off to school, a mysterious stranger arrived. Red as a beet with only one arm and a messed up eye.

(Next image: it starts at the grass, then pans up to show a smiling Wilt, looking much taller than normal. The sun is directly behind his head, almost making it seem like he has a halo.)

Judge: Some say he was 85 lawnmowers high.

(Next image: Wilt is happily riding on a golden lawnmower, leaving cut grass behind him.)

Judge: He drove in on his golden lawnmower and in one lap, cut that grass right down to size.

(Next image: the neighborhood is no longer being overrun by the grass. All the lawns are neat and striped after a fresh mowing. People are in the streets near the houses.)

Judge: Yes, the legendary Lawn Ranger. He saved us all, he did. By the time we'd returned to our homes, he was gone.

(Final image: Inside a classroom, an old man has brought in a push mower, demonstrating to the class what he had seen.)

Judge: We could only listen in awe to those who has claimed to see him. And we had no way to thank him.

(The imagine spot ends, and the focus is back in the courtroom.)

Judge: That is, until he showed up here in court today.

Frankie: So he's here then?

Judge: (standing up) No! We set him free.

Group: What?!

Mac: Your Honor, do you know where he went?

Judge: Sorry, son. I don't.

(The group hang their heads in disappointment.)

Judge: But, I do know this. Wherever he may go across this great country of ours...from Old Man Spillican's barn all the way to the rarefied air of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the grass will always be...(sits back down) short.

Scene 7: Outside of the Courthouse/Foster's Bus

(The group is seated outside on the courthouse steps, pondering what to do. Mac jumps to his feet.)

Mac: M-maybe he left some clues! Come on, we gotta try! (pulls on Frankie's arm)

Frankie: Mac...

Nina: No, wait. The kid's got a point. Maybe there are some clues. His behavior has been sporadic, but what about before he left? Did anyone notice him acting strange?

Mac: Well, actually, he was acting really weird at the reunion.

Nina: How so?

Mac: He seemed really tense and uncomfortable and he was smiling really hard like this. (imitates Wilt's strained grin; his eye twitches) And he was getting really confused about stuff. Like, he put potato salad in someone's lemonade.


Nina: Mm-hmm...(starts pacing) was there anything that might have been triggering this strange behavior? Anything someone was doing or saying?

Mac: I don't think so. I was just asking about his creator. I mean, who is his creator anyway?


Frankie: Heck if I know. Did you know that in all the years Wilt has been at the house, Wilt's creator hasn't even once come to the reunion?

Nina: Never?

Frankie: Nope. Nobody even knows who he or she is.

Nina: Well, we're going to find out.

All, except Nina: We are?

Nina: Yes. Because that is who Wilt is going to see.

All, except Nina: He is?

Nina: We need only to figure out who his creator is, and where he or she might be and that is where we will find Wilt.

All, except Nina: But how?

Nina: Simple. By recording the perpetrator's-I mean, suspect-I mean, Wilt's behavior and analyzing his psychological and physical characteristics, we can predict or assess the qualities of whoever it was that created him.

(Eduardo hops up and picks up Nina for a hug.)

Eduardo: Oh, Nina! I don't even know what you said, but it sure sounded smart!

Nina: (giggles) Oh, stop it. Gracias.

Mac: Oh, I get it. By looking at what kind of friend Wilt is, we can figure out what kind of kid created him!

Nina: That's right. It's called "profiling." Now, let's get down to business. What do we know about Wilt?

Eduardo: (raises his hand) Oh, I know! He is red.

(Douglas and Adam type away on their laptops and continue to do so as the profiling goes on.)

Bloo: He lives a life of debauchery and crime!

Coco: (holds up her foot and wiggles her toes) Coco cococococococo!

Douglas: Oooh, you're right! He does only wear shoes and socks.

Eduardo: Plus, he has weirdo, suction cuppy fingers.

Adam: So, all we have to do is find a really tall, evil mastermind with a bad sunburn, suction cup fingers, and is a practicing nudist.



Nina: You're going about it the wrong way. Think of it from a psychological standpoint. What sort of a child needed a friend like Wilt?

Douglas: Uhhh...a kid with really high shelves?

Nina: No. I mean, well...Take me and Eduardo, for example. I was not a big, hairy, purple man.

Scene 8: Nina's Old Neighborhood

(Nina's flashback starts. She is a little girl with purple clothes and long pigtails braided with ribbons. She is skipping down the street in a rough part of town.)

Nina: I was a little girl who grew up in a dangerous neighborhood.

(Little Nina keeps skipping until she is stopped by two bullies who pop out from an alley. The bullies chase the poor girl down the street. Little Nina ducks behind a dumpster to hide.)

Nina: And I was so frightened all the time, I needed someone to scare all the bad guys away.

(Little Nina closes her eyes and thinks really hard. After a couple of seconds, Eduardo pops into existence. He roars at the bullies, who promptly run screaming from the giant bull-looking beast. After they leave, he turns to Nina and gives her a big hug.)

Nina: But I also needed someone who would be nice to my baby brother.

(Cut to inside Nina's house. She is sitting on Eduardo's head while Eduardo is tickling her little brother under the chin.)

Eduardo: Coochie coochie coo...

(The baby laughs and coos at the attention.)

Nina: And someone to play with.

(Cut to Nina's room. She, the baby, and Eduardo are having a tea party. Eduardo pours the tea from the teapot.)

Nina: But I had another reason I needed to create Eduardo that I didn't even know about.

(Cut to the neighborhood playground. Nina and Eduardo are making sand sculptures of cute animals in the sandbox. The bullies arrive.)

Red-hat bully: Hey! He's not a monster! He's just a big sissy! (stomps on the sand sculpture Ed was working on)

(Eduardo starts to cry. The red-hatted bully grinds his foot into the sand sculpture for good measure. Just then, a handful of sand hits both of the bullies in the faces. Nina has more sand in her hands, ready to fly.)

Little Nina: Leave him alone, you big, dumb broncudos!

(Little Nina keeps throwing sand until the bullies run away. Eduardo looks surprised.)

Nina: I needed someone to teach me to be brave.

(Eduardo picks up Little Nina and hugs her gratefully. Nina's flashback ends.)

Scene 9: Foster's Bus/Airport

(Back in the bus, everyone is seated, listening to Nina's story.)

Nina: So, we need to figure out what of child needed an imaginary friend like Wilt, and what kind of person that child grew up to be.

(While the group discusses this, Mac is checking something on one of the scientist's laptops. He has pulled up the Foster's website and is looking at Wilt's profile, which shows his height, weight, likes, and dislikes. He scrolls through a few pictures of Wilt playing basketball. Mac looks closely at each picture and notices something: Wilt's tongue is out every time he is about to make a basket. Mac hops up out of his seat.)

Mac: I know who it is!

(The bus speeds off down the road. We cut to the group running through the interior of an airport. Adam is typing away at his laptop that is connected to a small printer, which Douglas is carrying. )

Adam: Thank goodness the internet does not offer anyone any privacy.

Douglas: I never would have guessed Wilt and his creator were in...Japan!

(The group approaches the arrival/delays board. Most of the flights in and out are marked "delayed". Flight 724 for Japan shows a blinking "on time" sign. The group rushes towards their designated gate.)

Adam: So, who else wanted first class?

(Cut to the plane flying off towards the sunset.)


Frankie: (offscreen) WILL YOU GIVE IT A REST ALREADY?!

Act 3

Scene 10: The Old Neighborhood/Basketball Court

(A bus pulls up to the bus stop in Wilt's old neighborhood. Wilt exits the bus and the bus pulls away. Wilt has a look of determination on his face.)

Wilt: Time to settle the score.

Stats: Wilt? (Wilt looks down and sees him) Oh my gosh! Wilt, is that you?

Wilt: Stats? Stats! (kneels next to him)

Stats: Wilt, its been so long. So, tell me, what brings you back to the hood?

Wilt: ...I've come to see Larry.

(A few minutes later, Wilt arrives at the old basketball court; the same one from his flashback. He stands in the middle of the court and looks around. A crowd of imaginary friends has gathered outside of the gate.)

Wilt: Foul Larry!

Foul Larry: Well, well, well...if it isn't Mr. Sore Loser.

(Foul Larry is seated against the wall, wearing a hooded robe.)

Foul Larry: You're late.

Wilt: Sorry, but I had some things to take care of.

Foul Larry: It's been 30 years since I whooped your behind. Come back for more?

Wilt: No, thanks. You know what I'm here for, Foul Larry, if that's okay.

Foul Larry: A rematch, huh? 'Nother game of 2-on-2? (mocking gasp) Oh, wait! That's right. Your little creator has gone away and left you all alone. (mocking baby talk) Hee hee hee...What do you think you gon' do? You think if you beat me he'll forgive you? He'll take you back? Well, forget it! He don't want you no more! And you know why? 'Cause you let him down. 'Cause you're a loser!

Wilt: Why don't you prove it?

(Wilt sets down his hobo bindle and unties it. It opens to reveal a red, white, and blue basketball; the same kind he played with back in the old days. He picks it up and spins it on his finger.)

Wilt: Is that okay?

(Foul Larry tears off his robe and tosses it aside. He approaches Wilt with pounding footsteps. They both stand in the center of the court, showing that Larry is about 3 feet taller than Wilt.)

Foul Larry: Scared, shorty?

Wilt: Ready when you are.

(The crowd of imaginary friends cheers. Stats has arrived as well, and walks onto the court. His "home" and "away" labels have been replaced with "Larry" and "Wilt" respectively. He takes the ball from Wilt, then tosses it in the air, starting the game. Both players reach up for it, but Larry's longer arms push Wilt's out of the way, and snag it. Larry dribbles down the court and jumps to make a basket, but Wilt slaps the ball away from him. He dribbles back towards his net, followed by Larry. The crowd cheers as Wilt jumps up to make a shot. Larry trips and falls, landing just under the net. Wilt shoots a basket and earns 2 points. Stats displays the score.

It's Larry's ball again. He dribbles for a second, but the ball is stolen by Wilt. Wilt makes another shot from half-court. Wilt is running circles around Larry as he makes 3 more shots. Stats and the crowd cheers at Wilt's performance and his 12-point lead. Larry glares at Wilt. It's time to cheat.

As Wilt tries for another jump shot, Larry moves forward, hitting Wilt's legs with his shoulder. Wilt belly flops forward and lands on the ground with the ball. Larry steals it and dribbles. The crowd boos.)

Foul Larry: What? Whatchu lookin' at? What'd I do? What'd I do? (smirks)

(Larry runs back towards his net, as Wilt hurries towards it. Larry dribbles the ball under his leg a few times, and chuckles evilly. Wilt stands in front of the net, poised to block the shot. Larry runs towards the hoop and leaps up, bashing Wilt in the face with his knees. He slam dunks the ball, and slams himself, back first, into the brick wall the net is supported by. The impact has left a Larry-shaped impression in the brick. Larry grins, pleased at his success.

Larry pulls himself loose from the wall, takes the ball, and heads down court. Wilt gets up from the ground and looks at the damaged wall in shock.

Larry's ball again. To keep the ball away from Wilt, he elbows him in the face, sending him flying across the court. Larry makes a jump shot and it goes through the hoop. Wilt gets back up and tries to block Larry from shooting, but Larry shoves Wilt's head straight down to the asphalt. Wilt steals the ball, and runs towards the net, but Larry trips him and steals the ball back. He makes another slam dunk.

As this continues, Stats' score shows 26 to 28. Wilt is still in the lead.

Wilt tries to make another running jump shot, but Larry headbutts Wilt as he is in the air. Despite this, Wilt still makes the basket. As Wilt sits on the ground, Larry pulls him to his feet, only to push Wilt back with his elbow, stomp his foot, and smack him away with his other elbow. Larry makes a half-court basket. The crowd boos and calls him a "cheater." Wilt is lying on his back on the court; the ball rolls past him. Wilt sits back up, looking dismayed.)

Scene 11: Basketball Court (past)

(Wilt has another flashback. He and his young creator are facing off against Larry and his creator. Larry's creator is a taller boy with red hair and green basketball uniform.

Larry dribbles the ball, but Wilt steals it and makes a basket. Larry tries to steal the ball from Wilt's kid, but is a bit too tall to stop him. The boy runs around him and makes the shot. He and Wilt high-five and head back towards center court. Larry's creator takes the ball and in making a shot, shoves Wilt's kid down to the ground. This makes Wilt angry as he glares and clenches his fists.)

Scene 12: Basketball Court (present)

(Wilt snaps out of his flashback and faces off against Larry again. He tries stealing the ball, but Larry pushes him away by the face. Larry makes another half-court shot. Wilt gets the ball and tries keeping it from Larry, but Larry intercepts Wilt's jump shot and steals the ball. He shoots, but the ball bounces around the rim before being taken by Wilt. Wilt, however, gets the ball roughly taken from him by Larry. Larry slam dunks the ball.

Wilt dribbles, and tries yet another jump shot, but Larry grabs him by the legs and throws him away. As Wilt lies dazed on the court, Stats walks up to him. Stats looks very worried for Wilt's safety as the score reads: Larry 47-Wilt 48.)

Scene 13: Basketball Court(past)

(A shinier looking Stats shows the same score, and the same concern over what he sees during this game. His clock reads that there are 10 seconds left in the game. Larry's creator passes the ball to Larry, who dribbles up the court with it. Wilt rushes to block Larry while the human players try and get the other of of his own way. Wilt's creator slips out of pushing distance and runs after Larry.

Larry leaps up for a jump shot, and Wilt jumps up to block it. Wilt then notices that his boy is standing right under where Larry will land. The boy is focusing on the ball, presumably because he plans on Wilt passing it to him once it is intercepted. He isn't paying attention to the orange behemoth about to land on him, butt first. Wilt immediately lowers his arms, allowing the ball to sail past him, to push his creator out of the impact zone. The boy notices at the last second that Larry is about to crush him, but Wilt shoves him to the side. Larry lands on Wilt's left arm and a crunching noise is heard just before the heavy THUD!

The ball flies through the hoop as the ding of Stats' board is heard. The ball falls from the hoop and lands directly on Wilt's left eyestalk, bending it in two places and causing his pupil to rattle around freely. The crowd of humans and imaginary friends are all horrified and booing at this outcome. Another ding is heard, followed by the game-ending buzzer. The score changes from 49 to 48. Larry and his creator have won. They high five each other.)

Larry's creator: Yeah, baby!

(Wilt looks at them, then at his kid. The kid hangs his head in disappointment, not looking at Wilt.)

Wilt's creator: Aw, man! We lost!

(The words "We lost!" echo a few times as Wilt's good eye quivers. He is ashamed to have let his boy down.)

Scene 14: Basketball Court(present)

(Wilt holds the same ashamed face that he had in his flashback. The sound of Stats' voice snaps him out of it.)

Stats: Wilt! He's going for a slam!

(Wilt looks over at Larry, who is rushing towards his net.)

Wilt: A slam? (looks at the net, then at the impact he made in the wall; Wilt gulps nervously)

Stats: He's gonna win!

(Wilt rapidly shakes his head, snapping himself out of his worry. His personal safety doesn't matter right now; he needs to win this game. He runs in front of the Larry-shaped impact in the wall and jumps up to block Larry's dunk. Then, at the last second, a hand reaches in from offscreen and pulls Wilt out of the impact zone by his stump arm. Larry slam dunks the ball through the net again, and himself into the wall. He grins and chuckles evilly.

Stats' score shows 49 to 48. Larry wins again, much to Stat's disbelief. Larry pulls himself from the wall again.)

Foul Larry: Aw, yeah!!

(Larry runs down the court and over Wilt, who is lying on the ground. The crowd boos and hisses.)

Wilt: I lost again. I can't believe I lost again. Now he'll never forgive me. (clamps his eye shut)

Jordan: Wilt? (Wilt's eye shoots back open; he sees Jordan's face) I'm sorry but, are you okay?

Wilt: Jordan?

(Jordan takes Wilt's hand and helps him to his feet. The Foster's crew runs in from offscreen.)

All: Wilt!

Wilt: Wha-Guys! How did you-when did- What are you doing here?

Eduardo: We has been so mucho worried about you!

Frankie: We've been following you for days!

Mac: But you were, like, running all over the place...!

Eduardo: But with the help of my Nina...

(Eduardo points to Nina. She's writing a traffic ticket for Jordan's plane.)

Coco: Cococo co, co cococo!

(Coco points to the scientists. They wave.)

Mac: We figured out you were looking for your creator and what kind of person your creator might be!

Frankie: And Mac was the one who really figured out who it was!

Eduardo: Si! He saw the picture of you on the computer! And that you was going "blahlah..."(sticks out his tongue) when you was playing basketball and-

Frankie: And who else in the world does that?!

All: Jordan Michaels!

Bloo: (rapidly) So then Coco's nerds found out he was shooting a commercial in Japan so we flew out there! (sharp inhale) But when we got there, you weren't there so we were like, "Oh no!" and Jordan Michaels was all, "You mean Wilt's looking for me?" and we were all like, "Yeah!" And he was all, "But he hates me!" and we were like "No!" And he was like, "Yeah, it's my fault he got hurt and he ran away and I tried to find him and say I was sorry, but he was gone forever! And I was so sad!" And we were all, "Awww!" And he was like,"If he's really looking for me, I bet I know where he went!" And he put us all on his PRIVATE LEAR JET! And (imitating a plane)"vrooooom, vroom, wrooooom!" We flew back here as fast as we could on his PRIVATE LEAR JET! we are. (whispers to Wilt) And don't worry. He doesn't know about your life of crime.

(Wilt looks worried at that last statement because Bloo technically isn't wrong this time. Regardless...)

Wilt: (to Jordan) I don't understand! Why'd you come to get me? I lost. I let you down.

Jordan: Let me down? You saved me!

Scene 15: Jordan's Flashback

(Jordan flashes back to just after the big game. Stats is explaining what happened to Little Jordan.)

Jordan: I didn't even know until Stats told me. And your arm and your eye? It was all my fault.

(As Stats finishes explaining, he and Little Jordan walk away from each other sadly. The street lamps start to go out.)

Jordan: I looked everywhere for you but you disappeared.

(Later, it has started to rain heavily. Little Jordan is searching around alleys in the neighborhood for Wilt.)

Jordan: If I hadn't been so obsessed about that game, you never would have gotten hurt and I never would have lost you.

(Little Jordan checks down another alley, but doesn't see anyone. He runs off to look elsewhere. Wilt shows up in the frame. Along with his damaged eye, his arm is mangled beyond repair. As Little Jordan sadly walks away, Wilt walks in the opposite direction, hanging his head.)

Jordan: Losing you taught me something: Winning isn't everything.

(Little Jordan stops back at the basketball court and notices one of Wilt's wristbands in a puddle. He picks it up and frowns.)

Jordan: Your friends, the people who you love; that's the most important. That's worth sacrificing yourself for. I created you to make me a better ball player. But instead, you made me a better person.

Scene 16: Basketball Court (present)

(Wilt and Jordan stand together in center court. Jordan has a reassuring hand on Wilt's shoulder.)

Jordan: I can't thank you enough.

Wilt: There's no need.

Jordan: You're a hero.

Wilt: I'm sorry. I'm not.

(Jordan gives him a knowing smile and rolls up his right sleeve on his jacket. He's wearing Wilt's old wristband.)

Jordan: Wilt. You're the best friend I ever had. You've gotta quit saying you're sorry. It's not okay. ...Okay?

(The Foster's crew, and some of the imaginary friends in the crowd, even Foul Larry, gather around Wilt and Jordan. Wilt's lip quivers. He's touched by Jordan's words.)

Wilt: ...Okay!

(The crowd cheers as Wilt and Jordan embrace. Wilt pulls away.)

Wilt: Sorry! Was that okay?

Foul Larry: (voice breaking) I just love happy reunions. (sobs)

Scene 17: Jordan's Private Jet

(Inside of Jordan's jet, Coco and Eduardo drink clink their sparkling water glasses together in a toast. Douglas is watching Frankie sleep.)

Frankie: (talking in her sleep) ...Frankie, frankie, bo-bankie...

(Adam is angrily glaring at Bloo and Mac, who are playing a basketball video game on a tv. Towards the back of the cabin, Jordan and Wilt sit across from each other. Wilt seems sad, but Jordan seems pleased as punch.)

Jordan: So, would you like to stay in the Hampton estate? Or my mansion in Malibu?

Wilt: You mean for a visit?

Jordan: Nah. Now that we're together again, you'll be living with me! I want you to live in the lap of luxury with everything your heart desires. It's what you deserve.

(Wilt's gaze drifts out the window. He looks conflicted.)

Jordan: ...What is it? (it dawns on him) Don't say it. I know. You could never leave your friends at Foster's. I understand.

Wilt: Well, no. I mean, I love all my friends more than anything, but...It's just that...I just know that out there somewhere, there's a little kid who needs me. I don't know who he or she is yet but, I know that that kid's best chance of finding if I wait at Foster's, you know? Is that okay?

Jordan: (whiny) Awww, but I really wanted you to see my mansions!

Wilt: I can come visit your mansion! Whenever you want! I-I would love to!

Jordan: Whenever I want?

Wilt: Of course! Anything!

(Jordan pouts for a second, then smiles. He high-fives Wilt.)

Jordan: Deal.

Scene 18: Foster's Yard

(The following morning, Eduardo can be heard crying. He exits the front door with Nina on his head, and her suitcase in his hand.)

Eduardo: Waaah! Nina! Stay for an extra dia! (keeps bawling)

Nina: (gets off of Eduardo's head) Oh, no no no, pollo torro. Volvare...Permito, I'll be back.

(Eduardo stops crying and smiles at her. Coco is standing between Douglas and Adam. She is straightening Douglas's hair with her beak.)

Coco: Co? Co cocococo co cocococo.

Douglas: Ugh! Coco! Stop it, you're embarrassing me!

(She turns to Adam. He has a smudge of dirt on his cheek. She licks her foot and wipes the smudge away.)

Coco: Co coco cococococo co cococo!

Adam: Yes, I know. Jeez, you sound just like my mother!

(The scientists pick up their suitcases and walk down the stairs. Mac approaches Coco.)

Mac: Can I help carry anything?

(Bloo runs up to Mac and wraps his arms around him.)

Bloo: (fake crying) Oh, Mac! I'm going to miss you! I can't believe I won't see you again for another 5 whole years!

Mac: (taking Bloo's arms off of him) Bloo? I'm not leaving.

Bloo: You are so selfish.

(Frankie stands at the front steps. A few of the friends from Wilt's old neighborhood approach with their bags and hobo bindles, ready to move in. Stats walks up the stairs, but stops and turns to face someone offscreen.)

Stats: Come on. It's okay. They know you're not a jerk anymore.

(The friend approaches Stats and Frankie. It's Foul Larry, and he looks worried.)

Foul Larry: But, what if no little kid wants me?

Frankie: Are you kidding? A big, strong, tough guy like you? You'll be adopted in a week.

(Frankie pats Larry on the head. Larry pants like a dog, and happily enters the house.)

Stats: See? Being good ain't so bad. (follows Larry inside)

(Douglas runs up to Frankie.)

Douglas: Wh-wha-wha-wha-what if-

(Adam runs up to Frankie.)

Adam: What if no little kid wants us?

(They both lean in towards Frankie, wanting something from her. Frankie, annoyed, pats Adam on the head and shoves him and Douglas away.

Finally, after the long weekend, cars and buses pull away from Foster's while everyone says their goodbyes. The banner for the party lowers from the trees. However, there is one creator who has not left yet.

On the basketball court behind the house, Jordan and Wilt are playing a 1-on-1 game. Jordan dunks the ball into the net.)

Jordan: Ha! So what's the score now?

Wilt: 80 to 472. Don't worry. You'll catch up.

(The two of them smirk at each other. Wilt shoots the ball into the net over and over. Each time, it bounces back into his hand. Jordan can't seem to get it away from him.)

Wilt: Sorry! Sorry! Gosh, sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

Jordan: Ah! No fair! Why'd I make you so tall? ...No fair!

Epilogue: Cows Stadium

(While the credits roll, the core Foster's crew is sitting courtside at a game Jordan's team, the Cows, is playing. The audience can't see much of the action, but we hear a ball going into a net.)

Wilt: Oh, yeah, go, Jordan!

(The Foster's crew stares at Wilt's outburst. Both teams run down the court.)

Wilt: Hey! That's a foul!!

(The referee's whistle blows.)

Wilt: Back it up, friend, back it up.

(The teams head back the other way. An electric organ is playing "Charge!" in the background.)

Wilt: ...WHOO!! Oh, yeah!

(The Foster's crew stares at Wilt or cringes at his outbursts. A buzzer is heard.)

Wilt: THREE! That's three-Did you see that?! Did you see that? It was gr-

(Another whistle. The teams run back down the court.)

Wilt: Hey, come on!! Back up off the D a little bit!

(Another whistle. The teams go back down the court. Wilt's friends continue to stare at him.)

Wilt: This is a non-contact sport, my friend!!

(The teams run down the court again. At least Wilt is enjoying himself.)