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George Mucus is an imaginary friend who lives at Foster's. He is a background character who has appeared in various episodes of the show.


George Mucus is a large, gelatinous, green imaginary friend with large eyes. During the first season of the show, he is seen with two ace bandages around either arm, due to an injury caused by Scissors. However, these bandages eventually disappear, hinting that George's injury had been healed.


George Mucus was imagined by a young boy with severe allergies. George used to enjoy going outside due to the fact that he rarely ever got to when he lived with his creator. However, when he moved to Foster's, he realized how much he disliked the outdoors. George Mucus makes his first appearance in the pilot movie, "House of Bloo's". He is seen being accompanied downstairs by Frankie Foster after having suffered an injury caused by him running with Scissors. Scissors apologizes and then they run off to go play.

George Mucus has made many background appearances since then and is even mentioned frequently by other friends in the house. In Bus the Two of Us, George is seen wrestling with another imaginary friend causing Frankie to have to separate them.

George Mucus is mentioned once more in The Little Peas. Jackie Khones complains that the Foster's elevator always runs slow, and Fluffer Nutter suggests that George Mucus might've been stuck in it. In Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook, Bloo desperately needs to use the bathroom so he enters the women's restroom because an incident happened in the men's restroom involving George Mucus (possibly him getting stuck in the toilet due to him being made of slime.)



  • His name is based on the name of famous director of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones series, George Lucas.