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Act 1

[The episode starts with Mac walking and puts down the box of file papers]

MAC: That's the last one from the basement, Frankie.

FRANKIE: Thanks Mac. [sighs as she's on the phone] I know I'd promised. Ugh! Look, I really want to go, Cathy. I've been looking forward to it all week.

[As she talks on the phone, Mac begins filing paperwork]

FRANKIE: Yeah, well, the bunny has got me filing paperwork. Yeah, he sure is. Look, I'll catch up with you guys next time. I'm really sorry. Okay. Bye. [she throws her phone aside, right next to Mac] Ugh! [lies down on her back on the floor] It's not fair! I mean, it's Friday night!

MAC: What's wrong, Frankie?

FRANKIE: I was supposed to go out with my friends tonight, but Herriman's got me neck-deep in paperwork! [facepalms] Ugh! Why's my life so lame?

MAC: Why don't you go, Frankie? I can do all this for you.

FRANKIE: No, no. I don't want to make you suffer too.

MAC: It's okay. I do it for my Mom all the time. I organised her bank statements.

FRANKIE: [looks at Mac] Really?

MAC: Yeah. It's easy.

[Mac has organised all the paperwork and filled up the boxes. Frankie looks at them and smiles with delight]

FRANKIE: [grabs Mac by the arms] Oh, Mac! You're the best! [kisses Mac on the cheek and leaves.]

[Mac puts his hand on his cheek, and the camera zooms in on his wide-eyed face]

FRANKIE: [offscreen] Why can't more men be like you!?

[Mac becomes lovestruck as he now has a crush on Frankie. He files the rest of Frankie's paperwork while sitting on the stairs, still bearing his lovestruck grin. As the camera zooms out, Bloo is by his side]

Act 2

Act 3

DYLAN: Yeah, that's what I thought. Now get outta here! You guys are lucky I don't kick your bua-- [notices Frankie was behind him and heard the whole thing] Hahaha. Ha! Frankie, I thought you were uh.. you know powdering your nose.

FRANKIE: I powdered it before I left!

[Then Princess Charming comes out of the bathroom beaten up]

PRINCE CHARMING: She's so cute when she mad. [He faints]

DYLAN: So uh... I-i-i-i-it's not what it looks like it's...

FRANKIE: If I have a dime for every time I heard that one.


FRANKIE: You mean my friends?

Dylan: Hey Frankie, did I mention how awesome you look in that dress?

(Angry, Frankie cracks her knuckles. Dylan gulps and the screen cuts to black as Frankie punches him and later beats him up)

Mac: (to Frankie on how she attacked Dylan) Wow, Frankie, I can't believe you gave that guy a nose bleed.