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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders box art

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders is a video game based on the animated television series of the same name. The game was published by Midway Games, and released for the Nintendo DS in November 2007..

Nintendo DS Gameplay

In this game based on the episode "Make Believe It or Not" where Goo imagines the Evil Space Nut-Boogies, the player controls Bloo using the buttons on the Nintendo DS console. Bloo can jump and fire spit wads from a straw. The main objective of the game is to rescue Madame Foster who has been kidnapped by Space Nut Boogies. To do this the player must earn the cooperation of different characters from the television series by performing tasks for them in order to gain their help. Throughout the game the player must also find eggs laid by Coco which contain Coco cards. Coco cards allow players to view pictures they collect in their scrap book, which can be viewed from the pause screen. The gameplay is not similar to its prequel, as it is in 3-D.

Special Powers


Each character has a special power. Once you have completed the task set by the character their special power is available for you to call on throughout the game and they look like a switch. They are as follows;

  • Mac: Freezes time also freezing the Space Nut Boogies.
  • Eduardo: Pushing objects.
  • Wilt: Can reach things Bloo cannot.
  • Coco: Lays exploding egg bombs.


  • Although the cover art depicts him as also being captured by the Evil Space Nut-Boogies, Mac is actually a playable character in the game and is subjected to tickle torture if captured three times during gameplay, much like he was in the original episode in which the game was based on.
  • Bendy makes a minor appearance in this game.

Other Games

There are other Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends games.

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