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Foofy Woogums is a female imaginary friend that made her first and only appearance in Good Wilt Hunting.


Foofy Woogums is a small pink bear imaginary friend with large sparkly eyes. Her creator lost her at a bus station when she visited her grandmother and never came back to find her, but was very emotional when Wilt brought her back home.


Wilt finds Foofy Woogums in the lost-and-found of the train station. Foofy explains that her creator, Sarah, lost her at the train station and that she hasn't seen her since Christmas. Wilt discovers that he was late for his train, so he decides to help Foofy find her family.

During their journey, Foofy becomes worried that her creator had abandoned her and that she didn't care that she was lost. Wilt reassures her that her creator had lost her by accident, and that Foofy's family is probably worried sick about her. Sure enough, Wilt and Foofy show up at Sarah's house, and when they're greeted, Sarah's mother immediately recognizes Foofy and tells her husband to get their daughter. The entire family begin crying tears of happiness as they're reunited with Foofy. In return, the family directs Wilt to the nearest train station.


  • Her family appears to love the color pink as shown with clothing, imaginary friends and their house.