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Erin Peterson (often addressed as "Spunky Reporter Erin Peterson") is a news reporter for Channel 6 News and a recurring background character. She appears in The Sweet Stench of Success, The Big Cheese, and The Little Peas. She is voiced by Candi Milo.


In The Sweet Stench of Success, Bloo approaches Erin pretending to be an orphaned imaginary friend so that she would do a news story on him. Bloo ends up being adopted by Hollywood producer Kip Snip.

Erin plays a much larger role in The Big Cheese. Channel 6 agrees to do a news story on Foster's in order to spread awareness for imaginary friends that are up for adoption. Unfortunately, Mr. Herriman accidentally locks Frankie and the entire house out of the house via the newly installed security system which was used to keep Cheese out. Erin calls Frankie to inform her that they would be showing up an hour earlier, much to Frankie's dismay. By the time Erin and the news crew arrive, the entire exterior of the house has suffered major damage and Frankie is seen shouting at Cheese to go home. Erin begins presenting Foster's in a negative light until Frankie asks for donations, claiming that Foster's had always been in a poor state. Erin reappears in The Little Peas playing the same role she had in The Big Cheese.

Replacement role and return

In the episode Bloo's the Boss, Erin is strangely replaced by a less-attractive Newswoman named "Tabby," who worked with Brock Bachman. Unfortunately, this canonical change is not well-regarded by fans who were used to having Erin on the scene, causing Tabby to be dropped out of the picture. Over a year after airing the episode, the writers decided to revert Erin back to the scene, as she returns in a flashback episode, The Little Peas, which was, indeed, her final role for the series.