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Crackers is a cherry pink imaginary friend who first appeared in Mac Daddy.


Bloo promised an unnamed man that he can adopt Crackers if he adopted Cheese. Sadly, Crackers was not adopted. It turned out that the man wanted real cheese and crackers as opposed to imaginary friends named "Cheese" and "Crackers." Crackers cried because she was not adopted.

Crackers makes five more cameos in The Big Cheese, Cuckoo for Coco Cards, The Big Picture, Bad Dare Day, and Read 'Em and Weep. She appears one last time in Goodbye to Bloo, attending Mac's going away party. Crackers also appears in the Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends Leapster game in the minigame "Horsey Hunt."


Crackers is a small, pink, puppy-like imaginary friend. She has puffy ears and a puffy tail, and a head large in comparison with their body.


Crackers is cheery and excitable, but can also be upset fairly easily.



  • Crackers' statistics on their golden trading cards in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Leapster game are:
    • Just wants to be adopted.
    • Really doesn't like Crackers.
    • Is super sweet.
    • Is not actually made of crackers.