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Chewy is one of the huge litter of imaginary puppies. He can grow fangs and loves to chew on things. He was first found in a trash can by Eduardo. He is notable by his different fur color from his brothers and sisters.


Chewy was found by Eduardo rummaging through a trashcan. Eduardo wanted to keep him but knew that Mr. Herriman would never allow it due to his fear of dogs. Eduardo takes him in anyway but tries to keep Chewy a secret from everyone else.

One day Chewy runs off, leaving behind fur, feces, and a chewed up dog bone, which led Herriman to believe that there was a dog in the house. Wilt, Coco, and Mac find the rest of the litter in a box by the street and agree not to tell Mr. Herriman about them. Mr. Herriman then calls a house meeting stating that someone had "sent hounds to destroy him."

The puppies run loose in the boardroom and Mr. Herriman calls for the puppies to be taken away by animal control. However, when one of the puppies says goodbye to Bloo, the other puppies also reveal themselves to have superpowers, including Chewy who can grow fangs. The puppies turn out to be imaginary, meaning that they were allowed to stay in the house, much to Herriman's dismay.

Chewy appears again in Land of the Flea. Chewy contracts imaginary fleas, which bounce off of his fur into Eduardo's when they saw that Chewy was about to receive a bath.