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Cheese a Go-Go
Season 5, Episode 1
Episode name pun on: 1965 sci-fi film Monsters a Go-Go
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Top: Title card used in "Cartoon Network: Invaded"

Bottom: Tittle card used in the series

Airdate: May 4th, 2007
Director: Craig McCracken
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Cheese a Go-Go is the 53rd episode of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. It first aired May 4, 2007, and served as the first chapter of the Cartoon Network Invaded programming stunt.


SPOILER: Plot details follow.

For Frankie Foster, it's yet another hectic day, as she has several errands to run that will take her all over town and a grandmother who is always calling her cell phone with instructions. However, when she sees Cheese running around outside the post office, yelling about how he's "Gotta go!" she can't help but wonder what he's doing. Then, when Cheese runs into traffic, she makes up her mind to ensure his survival and bundles him onto the bus so that he won't get injured or worse.

However, this turns out to be a terrible decision, as Cheese's blend of already dumb and erratic behavior is cranked up to eleven! Not only that, but he's near-impossible keep contained. Things quickly escalate when Frankie pulls up to the movie theater that is showing a movie titled "Brain Sucking Aliens From the Moon," to pick up Mac and Bloo only for Cheese to take the opportunity to escape. Mac asks about where Cheese has to go, but she quickly tells him to ignore it as he and Frankie rush to capture Cheese. This leads to a massive chase through the movie theater that leaves a popcorn machine's contents contaminated, and the concession stand completely destroyed. Mac tries to trap Cheese under a popcorn bucket, but this ultimately proves futile, as Cheese quickly escapes and invertedly wrecks the concession stand even further. Needing to get the situation under control and fast, Frankie asks the concession stand worker where Bloo is, who tells her that he went into theater fourteen.

Frankie finds the theater and tries to locate Bloo, but learns that she's interrupted a climactic part of the film, featuring the abduction and brain-sucking taking place. The search not only annoys the audience, but Madame Foster won't stop calling Frankie with more instructions about being late. Things quickly escalate even further when the newly freed Cheese escapes and covered in slippery butter flavoring, rushes into the theater (followed by Mac), and disrupts everything. Bloo, never one to keep his mouth shut, throws a chili dog at Frankie, adding to the chaos.

Soon after, Frankie and co hit the road again, with Bloo upset that he missed the end of his movie, and Cheese is more hyper than ever. Once again, Frankie has to reassure Madame Foster that she won't be late, as she has just one more errand to run. Upon arriving at the dentist's office, Coco yells at Frankie, reminding her that she was supposed to be there earlier. Just like at the movie theater, Cheese takes the escape opportunity and runs into the dentist's office, where a woozy and overly affectionate Eduardo is unintentionally terrorizing everyone. After another hectic chase that leaves the already severely damaged dentist's office in ruins, Cheese takes refuge behind a TV set, where Mac and Coco's efforts to reach him are in vain. Frankie finally reaches the dentist, who tells her that she must arrive before the anesthesia wears off because they have to use twice the normal amount on Eduardo due to his size. Frankie starts to apologize, but once again, her grandmother calls, and she has to answer. While she goes off to talk to her grandmother, Bloo wanders in, paying no attention to the chaos in the office, and begins reading a magazine. However, he soon stops in shock, as there is a story of an alien invasion, and the alien picture looks an awful lot like Cheese. At that moment, Eduardo blurts out a sentence that is coincidentally precisely what was said in the movie, and Bloo comes to a sickening realization.

Once again, Frankie is on the bus and the highway Frankie has to, yet again, reassure that all her errands are done, and she's trying to get there as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, in one of the bus's back seats, Bloo tries to tell Mac what he's figured out, using the magazine as proof. But Mac quickly becomes fed up with Bloo's idiocy and throws the magazine out the window to get him to shut up. Annoyed, Bloo heads to a different seat and fumes.

Of course, Madame Foster is not happy with her granddaughter's tone, but it seems that there is not much she can do, as she is in court at the moment. To make matters worse, her legal defense is Wilt, who can't do much to stall the judge so that her witnesses can arrive. While the defendant Madame Foster may be out of sorts, however, the plaintiff is indeed ready, and he shuffles his papers before beginning. Upon hearing the accusations leveled at her, Madame Foster can't help but angrily contest them, which unfortunately leads the judge to call for order. After full testimony is given, wherein it is revealed that the argument is over a tuna fish sandwich, the judge turns to questioning the plaintiff. As it turns out, the plaintiff did not make the sandwich, did not have the sandwich made for him, and did not eat the other half of the sandwich; however, he claims ownership on the basis that he wrote his name on it in mustard. While the judge is clearly unconvinced by this testimony, the defendant's lack of present witnesses or evidence means that he must decide in favor of Jackie Khones, and awards Mr. Khones a tuna fish sandwich with chips and a soda.

Now that the case is over, the Foster's bus finally pulls up to the courthouse. Frankie, unaware that they're too late, instructs Coco and Mac, two of the witnesses, to come in with her. Against her better judgment, she leaves Bloo in charge of Cheese and an incapacitated Eduardo and warns him not to get off the bus. 

Despite being unable to get off the bus, though, Bloo has still figured out a way to blow the cover off of the aliens' operation, and plans to do so with the bus radio. Unfortunately for him, Cheese is still hyper and almost foils his plans. Thinking quickly, he uses Eduardo's belt to lasso Cheese and has Eduardo hold on to Cheese. Going back to the radio, he tries once again to contact the aliens, but only manages to get a hobo looking for actual cheese. Annoyed that the signal is too weak, he decides to set off and find some way to get his message out to the aliens. However, after he rips out the radio and gets ready to go, he realizes that Eduardo and Cheese have disappeared from the bus through the emergency exit.

The rest of the group arrives a few minutes later only to find that Eduardo, Cheese, and Bloo have all left the bus. To make matters worse, Frankie has unwittingly parked in a "No Parking" zone, and the bus is towed away. The only one who is not upset by this development is Jackie, who announces that he feels like celebrating and suggests they go for sandwiches. The only ones who take him up on his offer are Coco and the police officer, and they leave to get sandwiches.

At this point, a plan of action is urgently needed. Thinking quickly, Frankie comes up with one: Mac and Madame Foster will get the bus back. She and Wilt will find Bloo, Cheese, and Eduardo. The creepy hobo, meanwhile, should just hang out at the courthouse. The group then splits up to undertake their various missions.

Of course, Frankie and Wilt aren't the only ones looking for Cheese. Bloo is looking for him as well and is, unfortunately, the first to find him. Having captured Cheese, he then looks around for a suitable broadcasting spot and ultimately settles on the town observatory, which is located on the side of a mountain. He starts his journey toward it while Mac and Madame Foster are stuck at the courthouse. Madame Foster is still mad about the ruling in her sandwich case, and when it turns out that she'll have to go to court again to get the bus back, she becomes furious. When she ends up in front of the same judge, she attempts to attack him in a fit of rage.

While Mac and Madame Foster have no luck at getting the bus back, Wilt has better luck at finding Eduardo. Of course, in his case, it's not so hard, as he has to find the source of some of the chaos downtown. A still loopy Eduardo is the one causing it, although in this case, it's everybody else taking his overly affectionate actions as those of a rampaging monster. This leads to an awkward conversation between Eduardo and Wilt, which ends when Eduardo sees more people and wants to give them all kisses. This leads to a chase with people running from Eduardo, with Wilt giving chase in an attempt to stop him. This chase leads them past a parked patrol car, which brings up the rear upon seeing the commotion.

Frankie, meanwhile, is wandering around town looking for Cheese, Eduardo, and Bloo, and lamenting the unfortunate decision to pick up Cheese that got her into this mess. At that moment, a loud announcement about how the aliens should get some cheese splits the air, and Frankie realizes where Bloo and Cheese are: in the observatory. She then proceeds to climb up the mountain and finds that Bloo has tied up two scientists, taken over the observatory controls, made sure Cheese can't run off and is broadcasting over the city with the bus radio. Wordlessly and angrily, she grabs Cheese and the radio and sets off to take Cheese home over Bloo's protests. Then, in perhaps the only stroke of good luck for her today, she is dragged away from the observatory by Cheese just before the police show up. 

By the time Frankie finally gets Cheese home to Louise, night has fallen, and she is exhausted. She is battered and bruised, with a possum clinging to her back and missing one shoe, and Cheese being held in a trash can. When Cheese is released, he starts bouncing around Louise's living room, yelling "Gotta go" once again. At this point, Frankie approaches Louise and asks her where Cheese has to go. Unfortunately, even Louise doesn't know, and Frankie is too exhausted to chase Cheese any further. Just as Frankie starts leaving Louise's apartment, she gets a phone call from Madame Foster explaining that she and everyone else are spending the night in jail.

As it turns out, the authorities took almost everyone right to jail, and Madame Foster has just used a phone call to tell Frankie to pick them up. Wilt, meanwhile, is busy comforting Eduardo, whose anesthetic high has disappeared and been replaced with shame over the fact that everyone saw his tushy and knows he is fat. Bloo is still overcome with delusions of grandeur, sure that he saved the day and people just don't know it yet. Soon, the cell door opens and Jackie Khones and Coco are pushed in by the policeman, who now has a black eye. According to Jackie, they are there because the policeman expected Mr. Khones to buy all three of them sandwiches rather than him paying for one himself–a presumption that lead Jackie to punch the cop.

Meanwhile, up at the observatory, things seem to have gotten back to normal. Of course, the scientists are still confused as to why anyone would do something so stupid as to try and contact space with a ham radio, as something like that would have no chance of working. However, at that moment, a signal comes in from outer space that, when deciphered, is a repeated chant of "Cheese." It seems as if Bloo's plan to contact the aliens did work; however, as an attempt to scare them off, it may have failed utterly, as the aliens are coming and they want their cheese.

In the credits, Frankie is about to leave Foster's in her grandma's car while speaking to her on the phone, telling her that she's coming to pick her up from jail, when Cheese dashes by still saying, "Gotta go!" But this time, she doesn't go after him, as she doesn't want a repeat of the last incident.

Spoilers end here.


  • Mr. Herriman is absent in this episode.
  • Starting with this episode, the show's intro has a much more angular look.
  • In Madame Foster's court case, the only people present were Wilt, Madame Foster, Jackie Khones and the judge. It is a federal law that several of the city's citizens be present there (jury duty).
  • This was the first episode produced in 2007.
  • This is the first episode for the rest of the series to be originally made in 16:9 widescreen which is different than the 4:3 fullscreen version of Good Wilt Hunting zoomed into widescreen.
  • These are the reasons why the authorities took the characters right to jail:
    • Bloo: The most guilty. He illegally used a space observatory intercom to call out for aliens to take Cheese away. As well as tying up the scientists.
    • Mac: No reason. It was possibly because he was with Madame Foster, and as he was restraining Madame Foster to stop her from attack the judge, the officers might have come to the conclusion that Mac was fighting with Madame Foster and he was accused of contempt of court as well.
    • Eduardo: He was unknowingly causing city-wide panic and overall creating a public disturbance by kissing random citizens.
    • Wilt: He was seen with Eduardo. The police probably thought he was chasing the people too.
    • Coco: She was with Khones, and possibly she encouraged or provoked Jackie to punch the policeman when the argument get worse.
    • Jackie Khones: Punched a policeman in the eye when the policeman wanted him to buy him a sandwich.
    • Madame Foster: She commited contempt of court to insult to the judge when he said a sarcastic commentary about the lost lawsuit in that jackie khones sued her for ate a sandwich. And also for attempt of physical aggresion against the judge after that he ordered her arrest.
    • Also, if you analyze the facts, the other characters were arrested because Bloo, as his actions caused indirectly that some of the characters ends in troubles and arrested:
      • Mac and Madame Foster: possibly due to the actions of Bloo of used the intercom of the bus of Frankie to "contacts" the aliens for Cheese, he attracted the attention of the people toward the bus, and possibly among of them, the attention of the policeman that called the tow truck to tows the bus for be in a "no parking zone", causing that their bus was towed inmediately when the group was returning to it, making that Mac and Madame Foster should return to the courtroom to retrieve the bus. But as Madame Foster was still angry for lost the lawsuit and that the judge say a sarcastic commentary regarding it, she insulted the judge, commiting contempt of court, causing that the judge ordered her arrest and also mac was arrested by possibly be accused of attack madam Foster to contain her when she try to attack the judge.
      • Wilt and Eduardo: due that Bloo neglected Eduardo when he supposely should watch him and simply abandoned him for be focused in Cheese, Eduardo ended into the streets, scaring to the people and causing panic, making that wilt comes to stop him before he could something that he regret. But both were seen by policemen, bringing as consequence that both ends arrested.
      • Jackie Khones and Coco: due to the actions of Bloo, the bus of Frankie ended towed, making that Jackie and Coco ends traveling together with the policeman to go the restaurant to buys sandwiches, than could travels in the bus of Frankie to the restaurant. And due to a misunderstanding, the policeman though that Jackie would buys him a sandwich, than that each one should pays their own food, making that this caused possibly an argument that culminated with Jackie punching the policeman, getting himself and Coco arrested for this. 
  • There are wikis for all of the Invaded series. These wikis are:
  • In this episode, Cheese said "Gotta Go" more than 545 times.
    • Cheese says "Noooo!" once, but other than that, the only thing he says is "Gotta Go".
  • This is the second and final episode that does not feature or take place at Foster's. The first was "Infernal Slumber." However, Foster's is seen in the credits.
  • Sally from Emancipation Complication Appeared in this Episode.

Cultural References

  • Bloo's tabloid newspaper says "Werewolves in London" on it. This is a reference to Warren Zevon's song, "Werewolves of London." The newspaper's name, the World Weekly News, is a play off the Weekly World News, a weekly newspaper that had outrageous fictional stories. It ceased publication in 2007. The werewolf also resembles Wilt when he turned into a werewolf in Mac's movie, in One False Movie and would later replay in a flashback in the Halloween episode Nightmare on Wilson Way.
  • One of the scientists strongly resembles the fictional character Napoleon Dynamite.
  • The title parodies one of Mystery Science Theatre 3000's really bad movies, Monster A Go-Go.
  • When Frankie went to pick up Coco and Eduardo from the dentist, Loud Kiddington from Histeria! can be seen.
  • The observatory seen the this episode is similar to the observatory seen in another one of creator Craig McCracken's shows, The Powerpuff Girls.
  • Fred Fred Burger from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy can be seen in the jury.
  • Among the packages Frankie sends at the beginning of the episode, one of them seen in the opening frame is addressed to Saul Malone, the main character of [adult swim]’s Saul of the Mole Men, which former Foster’s writer Craig Lewis created. This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia (view authors).
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