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Bloo's the Boss
Season 4, Episode 9
Episode name pun on: Who's the boss?
Bloos the Boss.jpg
Airdate: November 3, 2006
Director: Craig McCracken
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"Bloo's the Boss" is the 9th episode of season 4 of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. In this episode, Bloo gets jealous of the credit Madame Foster is getting after she saved an imaginary friend, so he decides to open his own foster home (made from cardboard boxes).


SPOILER: Plot details follow.

Bloo announces that a one-eyed cat-like imaginary friend is in trouble. No one wants to help him at first because it might be a trick, but Madame Foster forces Frankie, Coco, Wilt, and Eduardo to help him. They find that the imaginary friend is stuck in a tree and Bloo tries to help by climbing on top of them. Instead of helping, they fall and Frankie yells at Bloo. Madame Foster pitches in and using a large brown stick, she gets up there and rescues the friend. Now, reporters from a news network arrive at the scene and acknowledges Madame Foster. Bloo whines that he does do good deeds all the time, so he waxes the floor (everyone who walks on it slides and injures themselves) to prove his point. Since he filmed himself, he sends the tape to a news channel. Instead of congratulating Bloo, he actually becomes embarrassed. Bloo tries another tactic to prove that he can do good deeds: building another home for imaginary friends called Bloo's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Bloo later befriends a stray cat named Chuck.

Spoilers end here.


  • This is the first time a "clapper" gag was used.
  • Although he appears in this episode, Mr. Herriman doesn't have any speaking cues.
  • This episode and Phone Home are very similar, as they both involve Bloo and his goal to rescue imaginary friends in order to benefit his own self-image.
  • The one-eyed cat like imaginary friend appears briefly with another girl in the episodes "Phone Home" and "Adoptcalypse Now".
  • News reporters, Erin Peterson and Todd, are replaced with different (and odd looking) reporters named Tabby and Brock Bachman, which only appeared in this episode. This canonical change is not well-liked, causing them to be dropped from the picture. Erin returns for the final time in the season 5 flashback episode, "The Little Peas".