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Bingo is an imaginary friend who appears in various episodes throughout the series. He usually shows up when somebody yells, "Bingo!"


Bingo is a yellow dog imaginary friend who wears a pair of underwear briefs and a green hat.


Bingo made his debut in Cuckoo for Coco Cards. Bloo has collected almost every Coco Card in existence, with the exception of one: the Bloo card. Bloo spots it in the spokes of Eduardo's bicycle and yells, "Bingo!" Bingo then appears thinking that Bloo was addressing him.

In the short, Hide and Bloo Seek, Bingo teaches a game called "Kick the Trash Bag" to Fluffer Nutter. Madame Foster and Eduardo join in later on.

In Destination Imagination, Frankie is seen carrying groceries inside. She drops an apple, and with her hands full, she asks Bingo for help. Bingo simply shoves the apple into her mouth instead and walks on.