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The Abraham Lincoln Pen (also referred to as Little Lincoln or simply Abraham Lincoln) is the main antagonist of Emancipation Complication. He lives in the pocket of a big, burly imaginary friend named Moose who serves as his bodyguard, due to his small size. He is a con artist, his only appearance being Emancipation Complication.


Little Lincoln appeared in Emancipation Complication as the featured character and the main antagonist of the episode. At first, Little Lincoln seemed like a poor imaginary friend created for the sole purpose of cheating on history tests. But it turned out he was really a con artist who managed to sell a lot of the imaginary friends for a hefty profit, which he would later use to turn Foster's into a casino. The friends were promptly put to work doing anything they were told to do (for example, washing cars for people they were sold to.)  He proceeded to attempt to con Madame Foster out of the house as well. However, Madame Foster eventually found him out and forced him to return all of the friends to Foster's and refund every person that he had sold them to.


He is a pen that is made to look exactly like Abraham Lincoln, complete with the trademark beard. His stovepipe hat acts as the cap of a fountain pen and he has a pen point instead of legs.  


Little Lincoln is depicted as a smooth talker and very good at manipulating people. The fact that he resembles the 16th president makes it easy for people to trust him. But in reality, he is merely nothing more than a con artist, his main goal in life is to make as much money as possible, even if it's at the expense of others. Due to his small size, he tries to accomplish that by tricking people into doing his bidding. He speaks with a southern accent similar to the one that is usually associated with the 16th president. However, when no one else is around, Little Lincoln speaks with a Gangster-style Brooklyn accent.


  • Ironically, the real Abraham Lincoln fought to have slavery abolished, yet Little Lincoln was selling the imaginary friends to do peoples' bidding in the same way slaves were sold.